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totally should have gone into my Christmas Art Journal. But I got excited, started punching Christmas cards and adhering and all of a sudden I was done. And it makes me happy, regardless of size or album location. Simple and easy, kind of like last year, but still its own creation.

Once again, my square punch has worked it's magic.

Edited: Ok friends, let's see if I can address some of your comments and questions on this one.

The punch I used for this layout is from Marvy Uchida. It is either this one or this one. The body of the punch is red and the width of the square on the punch is just a bit larger than 1.5 inches. Too bad they don't put the product number right on the punch.

Since I am all about simplifying I came to the conclusion that I do not need to keep all the Christmas cards I received this year. I loved getting them. I celebrated each one that came through the mailbox. And now that Christmas is over I would still like to have a bit of a record of the cards from this Christmas, but I certainly don't need to hang on to them all.


How do I decide which part of the card to punch? I think what I have always loved about punching is that I am taking a bit of something and bringing it together with other somethings to create an entirely new something. When I was punching I tried not to think too hard. I laid my punch with the metal side up, slid the card in, and moved the card around using the window as a guide. When I saw something that looked just fine and I punched. Some of the photos were too large to get everyone in the square and that was totally OK. My vision was to bring together a bunch of bits of this year's cards - not preserve each one in its orginal state.

How did I keep it all straight? I actually debated a bit about not lining it all up this time. But in the end, the lines won out. I think the secret to keeping it straight is by starting with one of the top or bottom corner squares. If you want you could even measure to make sure the distances are the same from the edge of the square to the top edge and the side edge. I have gotten so I can eyeball it pretty good. I also laid all the squares out before I started adhering to get a general idea where the "big" square would be placed on the 12x12 cardstock.

Did I scan and reduce the cards? Nope, just punched them as is - big or small I found something to punch and then moved on to the next one.

Hope that helps a bit!

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