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December 29, 2005

So this…(+ more info)


totally should have gone into my Christmas Art Journal. But I got excited, started punching Christmas cards and adhering and all of a sudden I was done. And it makes me happy, regardless of size or album location. Simple and easy, kind of like last year, but still its own creation.

Once again, my square punch has worked it's magic.

Edited: Ok friends, let's see if I can address some of your comments and questions on this one.

The punch I used for this layout is from Marvy Uchida. It is either this one or this one. The body of the punch is red and the width of the square on the punch is just a bit larger than 1.5 inches. Too bad they don't put the product number right on the punch.

Since I am all about simplifying I came to the conclusion that I do not need to keep all the Christmas cards I received this year. I loved getting them. I celebrated each one that came through the mailbox. And now that Christmas is over I would still like to have a bit of a record of the cards from this Christmas, but I certainly don't need to hang on to them all.


How do I decide which part of the card to punch? I think what I have always loved about punching is that I am taking a bit of something and bringing it together with other somethings to create an entirely new something. When I was punching I tried not to think too hard. I laid my punch with the metal side up, slid the card in, and moved the card around using the window as a guide. When I saw something that looked just fine and I punched. Some of the photos were too large to get everyone in the square and that was totally OK. My vision was to bring together a bunch of bits of this year's cards – not preserve each one in its orginal state.

How did I keep it all straight? I actually debated a bit about not lining it all up this time. But in the end, the lines won out. I think the secret to keeping it straight is by starting with one of the top or bottom corner squares. If you want you could even measure to make sure the distances are the same from the edge of the square to the top edge and the side edge. I have gotten so I can eyeball it pretty good. I also laid all the squares out before I started adhering to get a general idea where the "big" square would be placed on the 12×12 cardstock.

Did I scan and reduce the cards? Nope, just punched them as is – big or small I found something to punch and then moved on to the next one.

Hope that helps a bit!


  • 1.
    MargieH said…

    WOW…what a square punch can do! Well, guess what I’ll be doing with this year’s cards! Thanks, Ali! Every year I go through this dilema how to get rid of these cards! This would make me happy too!!

  • 2.
    ~leah g~ said…

    How cool and fun. I love it. . . I may have to try this one myself.

  • 3.
    Amber Lee said…

    Ahh punches, gotta love them! This looks really cool. :)

  • 4.
    corinne said…

    well have to get me that punch! this looks great and love this photo of elsie. have fun today!

  • 5.
    Valerie said…

    it’s sooo cool! it’s a great layout & LOVE the picture of Elsie & TJ, too!

  • 6.
    karen said…

    great page!
    I’m working on something like this exact thing–but 2005 year in review!
    You did a beautiful job!!

  • 7.
    liz said…

    this is beautiful!!!

  • 8.
    Lisa Russell said…

    Such a great idea! I LOVE my square punch!! Your Christmas art journal is just beautiful – thanks for sharing it with us!

  • 9.
    Shell said…

    ooh, what size is the punch please? I have to get me some punches!!

  • 10.
    katie said…

    oh my gosh–this is amazing! Such a great idea! love love love it!

  • 11.
    Maureen said…

    This is *SO* fabulous! I want to do it but how do you do it? I have so many cards and pictures……and the pics are too big. Anyway, you are amazing!! Happy New Year :)

  • 12.
    jen said…

    awesome, awesome..i “heart” the square punchie!

  • 13.
    Elsa said…

    I just love this.. Great page, great Idea.. I am definitely go to try this.. Which square punch did you use?

  • 14.
    Sharyn (Torm) said…

    you make it look so good, yet i still don’t have the nerve to do that. lol i’ll just look at yours and pretend. ;)

  • 15.
    Sugar_Peas said…

    Very cool, was thinking about scrappin all the pics but didnt’ think to reduce them so much. Love it. I see my girlies too! ; )

  • 16.
    Monica said…

    This is so, so cool! Love this idea! I was just looking at my stack of cards as I do every year not knowing what to do with them. They just take up space and we’ve been trying to simplify and clean sweep our lives. This is perfect!

  • 17.
    Lynne said…

    This makes me happy, too! I just love your work! One of the best things in 2005 has been keeping my own blog (what a great source of scrapbooking material!), and reading those of others. Yours is a great inspiration, and always provides such a creative spark! Thought you might enjoy this blog — it’s one from a member of the “everyday matters” yahoo group (hosted by Danny Gregory)… given the Christmas Art Journal prompt for using cut out snowflakes, I thought you’d enjoy it!
    Have a wonderful (and creatively indulgent!) new year!

  • 18.
    Amy said…

    Absolutely lovely, as usual. I need to get a square punch…and a round one…LOL! I did however got out and buy Anna Quindlen “A Short Guide to a Happy Life” and it is wonderful! thank you! Happy New Year!

  • 19.
    Carrie said…

    Ah, that is so lovely, my friend!!! Makes me smile. I got a lot of the same pictures this year. :)

  • 20.
    Elise Blaha said…

    Ali…your square punch has always rocked your pages. In fact I am off to buy one today and be totally inspired by you! :)

  • 21.
    nadine said…

    this is so cool ali! i could never keep things that straight. especially since i don’t have a square punch. i love that through the scrapping world, even i recognize quite a few of these faces!

  • 22.
    Kristina said…

    VERY cool, Ali. Love it!

  • 23.
    Kip said…

    great idea…what do you have it backed on?

  • 24.
    Candi said…

    Awesome! Great idea! Look at my cuties…hee hee…and Mr. Nolan!

  • 25.
    Raven said…

    That is SO darn cool.

  • 26.
    Klala said…

    OMG I love it. I am sorry, but I think I am totally stealing this idea. It’s the solution to that pile of cards overflowing on my desk!

  • 27.
    Sharon said…

    This looks terrific. What a fantastic idea. This is one I can do!

  • 28.
    Heather said…

    So, was just cleaning up the christmas stuff and taking my cards down and feeling sad to throw them away and the photo ones are starting to pile up–what a great idea! I’m sure there will be lots of “lifting” of this idea happening!
    My question, did you scan and reduce the cards to get them small enough to punch? That’s always my problem with that ole square punch–my pics are always too big!
    Have enjoyed your christmas journal! You are always the first blog I hit everyday! Thanks for all the inspiration you have shared this year!

  • 29.
    Missy_G said…

    Thanks for sharing! Great idea! Have a great day!

  • 30.
    MaryRuth said…

    stupid question but how do you keep everything straight?? I could square punch my little heart out and have everything glued down and it would still be slanty or crooked. I love stright lines but can’t seem to manage them!
    Love this page!!

  • 31.
    bginn said…

    So what SIZE is that square punch?!?!?
    Simply darling!

  • 32.
    Rachel said…

    LOVE it Ali :)

  • 33.
    Michelle said…

    Fantastic! Absolutely love this!

  • 34.
    Cindy said…

    I just hate throwing out Christmas cards! Actually, I just took everthing down and sat down with my stack of cards and was checking your blog to see if I could get some inspiration on what to do with them. It’s like your were reading my mind today. Thanks for sharing!

  • 35.
    lisa dickinson said…

    Um, yeah, this LO is rockin my world….what a great way to save bits and pieces of the fab holiday cards
    and just looking at it makes me smile! You are an unending fount of inspiration, dear girl!

  • 36.
    Lou said…

    ok- you just convinced me to buy a sqaure punch lol!!! this is so awesome, so Ali!

  • 37.
    Kim said…

    Neat, neat, neat!!!

  • 38.
    elsie said…

    this is SO CUTE!!!!! I love this idea!

  • 39.
    Marcy said…

    I love this idea! I adhered the Christmas card that I made into my journal the other night and then I looked up at the wall at all of the cards that I had received. I have been trying to think of a way to preserve them in some fashion, but I hate to put them in a box where I know that they will never be looked at again. This is a great way to preserve them and the sentiments that they generate. If I create a page of them and put it in the family scrapbook, then we can enjoy them year round!
    Thanks for the idea!

  • 40.
    melanie said…

    Man, this is AWESOME. I’m in love with it. :)

  • 41.
    denise said…

    Wow, thanks for the great idea! It turned out sooo pretty with all those Christmas card photos! I may have to do this with some of my other saved cards, too. :-)

  • 42.
    marlene g. said…

    I so much love this idea! We have a sort of recycling program for ours as well…we use a square punch and make tags for use on next years gifts. Saves some of those trees :)

  • 43.
    jillian said…

    You are so neat! Bless your heart. :)

  • 44.
    Katie said…

    love, love, LOVE this! :)

  • 45.
    Barb said…

    Can’t wait to make my own. You rock Ali!

  • 46.
    Andrea W. said…

    what a great layout, i love it! the punches work just super!

  • 47.
    candy said…

    What a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for sharing. I have cards from the past and I always wanted to remember and this is perfect! :o )

  • 48.
    kristen said…

    that is a great way to keep your cards without the bulk.

  • 49.
    Deirdre said…

    This is what I LOVE about your blog. Saw your page this morning and had come back to look more closely in order to scraplift—and you’ve added all this information! Very cool!
    Here’s a general question: you’ve mentioned printing out your blog on different posts. Is this in case Typepad suddenly goes kaput, or just to have a tangible document of it all? Have you found an easy way to print it (do you print posts only or photos too? Copy and paste to Word?). Is there any way to save the web pages to a CD?

  • 50.
    Alana M said…

    A most excellent idea…my 2 in square punch has been gathering dust…

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