A Week In The Life & Cool Lunch Stuff.


This week I have been working on recording a new week in my life for my CKU-Album class starting up again in March. Such a fun project. Love looking at the details of life right now

In the process of recording my week I have been laughing at a few things about myself:

[1] I don't leave my house very often. Seriously. The grocery store, Target, and taking Simon to or from school if Chris is not available. I laugh about it, but I also kinda like it. I like being in my own little place. Surrounded by all my stuff. Working. Hanging out with Chris & Simon. Etc. And I am lucky because Chris is a good errand-runner. Today was the first day out of three that I left the house.

[2] I eat the same stuff over and over. I get in a groove with eating and go for it LOL. Coffee for breakfast and maybe some instant oatmeal. Lunch has been cheese enchilada's from Amy's.

[3] The UPS person comes here almost everyday. Well, not really, but this week he has been here daily dropping off products for upcoming workshops. This is fun, but it takes up a bunch of space in a space that is already really small. I am continually adjusting and rearranging.

[4] I think about simplifying all the time. I think this is good and necessary to the process of getting rid of excess stuff. I have become skilled at asking myself (in my head) repeatedly...is this necessary, is this seving us, is this just excess, do I/we really need this? I am finding this constant questioning to be key...but also a bit annoying after awhile.

[5] I am on this computer WAY TOO MUCH.

[6] I love taking naps with Simon.

[7] I am enjoying having Chris working at home.

[8] Life is good.

Recording a week is such an interesting exercise just in examining how you are living your life. I love seeing the patterns that emerge that have probably always been there and I have just never noticed them before.

I also wanted to share a couple sites that have been making me happy lately. The first is this one: Vegan Lunch Box. The second is the site that offers the lunch box she uses on that site: Laptop Lunches. I first saw the Laptop Lunch site awhile back after reading about it in Body & Soul. I liked the idea of sustainable lunch containers and, as you may know, I love everything to have a home. Somehow I came across the Vegan Lunch Box site and was re-inspired to order the lunch box and to get back on the job of encouraging Simon (and me, LOL) to eat more well-balanced meals. There is lots of good info on both these sites about fixing healthy lunches - and man I love the daily visual inspiration of the Vegan site.

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