Chris Edwards for Oregon.


I am the wife of a man who wants to make a difference. Who wants to change "politics as usual" with a common sense, back to basics approach to governance. His campaign site is now live - check it out here:

Chris is running for the Oregon House of Representatives, District 14. Ours is a district of 55,000 people - a mirror of Oregon as a whole: a little bit downtown, a little bit rural/small towns, largely suburban. We love where we live. We love the school that Simon attends. We love the neighborhoods and community activism. And yet, there are things we would like to see changed in our area, in our state, and worldwide.

Change begins right here, with us - with Chris.


Chris is a door to door man. His passion is people - face to face discussions about issues and needs. Sometimes the door is quickly closed and other times a wonderful back and forth conversation ensues.

He started going door to door last December and estimates that he has knocked on nearly two-thousand doors in our district so far. His goal is to hit 10,000 doors by November.

Chris received strong support in his primary election - overall he received more votes than his incumbent opponent. A great showing for someone that has spent no money advertising yet (except for lawn signs).

Current fundraising efforts have been focused on individuals rather than special interest groups. He has been endorsed by people from teachers to timber workers, from nurses to banking executives, from life artists to wine makers, from truckers to professors. It has been so cool seeing support come in from so many diverse people, friends and family, and from people who have met Chris and can see his passion and believe in his ability to make a difference.

Check out his site. Read about his philosopy & issues. And if you are so inclined to make a donation to his campaign (and you are a US citizen) - any amount is appreciated - go here. And if you live in our area we would love to have you volunteer as well.

And, in advance, thank you for your generosity & support for someone who is attempting to live their passion.

PS: If you live in Oregon, a donation of $100 for couples filing jointly can be taken as a tax credit (that is a dollar for dollar reduction in the amount you owe).

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