And I am off.


Sitting at the Eugene airport - having my coffee + bagel + cream cheese. Gave Chris and Simon lots of hugs and kisses (getting tougher and tougher to leave each time). Told Simon I was going to bring him back a koala and a kangaroo - and that he gets to go see Grandma Pati next week - he was all good.

Starting my scrapbook on the road for this trip here in the airport. Writing about the "context" of this trip, my feelings as I leave, etc. I have been giving an amazing opportunity to travel - so very amazing. Unreal to me at times.

And like I said yesterday, life is for living and that is what I plan to do.

Peace my friends.

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  1. Daphne from Ohio

    2006-08-04 11:24:01 -0400

    You and your family will be in our prayers. Have fun, enjoy the journey and cant wait to see your blog entries and travel scrapbook. Love,

  2. katie

    2006-08-04 12:25:37 -0400

    woo hoo! have a great time & can't wait to see your on the road scrapbook!! :)

  3. Sonda

    2006-08-04 12:42:14 -0400

    Ali...I am reminded that I have my own little scrapbook/notebook sitting on my scrap table for the next time I travel somewheres. It probably won't be for a while but it was inspired by you. I love to keep little journals like that....and then read them after the trip and add photos. so fun! Have a great time on your adventure!!

  4. Kim

    2006-08-04 12:52:55 -0400

    Have a good trip. Maybe it can be a goal of yours and your hubby's to have a business trip include some family time? (:

  5. Audra Jensen

    2006-08-04 13:34:55 -0400

    Just stumbled across your blog. I was looking for an "info about me" page, and I don't see one. I've got a 9 yr old son with HFA/hyperlexia. I recently got my M.Ed. and am completing my BCBA. The autism life takes you down a different path! But it is a glorious journey. Maybe not as glorious as the one you're on now, but that's OK! I suppose it lasts longer!
    Have a great trip!

  6. Lee

    2006-08-04 14:10:50 -0400

    Wooo hoooo!!! Can not wait.... doing the happy dance. Can you see me dancing. LOL.
    Girl you are gunna be dancing and singing and just doing the happy stuff when you get to Australia. You don't need to sleep whilst you are here....LOL.
    See you in 13 days! xoxo

  7. Jody

    2006-08-04 14:27:26 -0400

    We can hardly wait till you get here!!!!!!!
    See you in Sydney (in ALL of your classes):)

  8. Karen Freeman

    2006-08-04 16:24:41 -0400

    Hi Ali
    It is so great to see you in the photo ready to head to our NZ. We are all looking forward to meeting you and learning heaps from you. I agree with my fellow Kiwi - A kiwi is a must to take back for Simon he will love it and you'll have to get some paua it is beautiful. Can't wait to meet you!
    Karen Freeman

  9. kah-mei

    2006-08-04 16:29:23 -0400

    Have a freaking great time, Ali!!

  10. Kristin Huntley

    2006-08-04 17:04:45 -0400

    Traveling Mercies, Ali! Savor the moments!

  11. Barbara

    2006-08-04 20:22:35 -0400

    Have a safe trip and lots of fun, New Zealand is an amazingly beautiful country. Waiting for lots of pictures !

  12. Frances Mileski

    2006-08-05 01:06:48 -0400

    I just wanted to tell you that your blog and CK columns are so uplifting! Thank you so much for the time you spend writing so thoughtfully and timely. Have a wonderful time! Blog from NZ and Australia if you can !

  13. Alicia in Asheville

    2006-08-05 02:26:43 -0400

    Hope you have a safe trip. My prayers are with you. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

  14. Erika Martin

    2006-08-05 02:26:59 -0400

    Have a fantastic trip, Ali! I can't wait to see pictures, updates and your scrapbook pages from this trip!
    Drink it up!
    -Erika Martin

  15. Suezi

    2006-08-05 03:37:16 -0400

    have a great trip and will be praying for safe travel fun experiences and that simon and chris enjoy theie moments together as well.

  16. Tillie

    2006-08-05 03:45:15 -0400

    Have a great time Ali! I loved Australia! Fabulous place to visit...and live!!!!

  17. monique

    2006-08-05 03:48:30 -0400

    Peace with you, travelling all over the world and inspiring not only by design but also by philosophy of life art. Enjoy it!

  18. Lisa

    2006-08-05 05:50:14 -0400

    Why is the word passport backwords? Did you take the picture in a mirror? Just curious.

  19. PROLIX

    2006-08-05 06:52:49 -0400

    Have a good travel!
    Love kangaroos!

  20. kristen

    2006-08-05 07:25:38 -0400

    you are just so brave. one thing i fear is my book and writing career taking off and having to travel. i'm no good at it. but it's sooo exciting!
    plus being on your own is very liberating, eh?

  21. Heidi Wandel

    2006-08-05 12:41:00 -0400

    Hi Ali: I was just reading your blog after a few days of being out. I wish I could have been in your class in Atlanta or any of your classes. I thought it was so nice of the ladies that gave you the gratitude album, and I wanted to thankyou also for sharing through your blog and through your column your life experiences. You make me reflect on my life in so many ways, you inspire me as a life artist and as a person, for that I am truly grateful.
    The owner of a Scrapbook store I work for in Mexico City just came back from Chicago with an autographed magazine from you, thanks. I hope to meet you sometime in person. Enjoy Australia.

  22. Michelle

    2006-08-05 15:56:47 -0400

    You are such a lucky girl....what I would not do to travel and do scrapbooking for a every moment as if it were your last!

  23. Pam McClung

    2006-08-05 20:38:03 -0400

    Hi Ali -
    I was at a crop tonight and heard someone mention that your son, Simon, has Autism. I just wanted to let you know that I can understand what you are (and have been) going through! My husband and I have an only child, Kyle, who is now 14 years old. He was diagnosed when he was 2 1/2 years old with PDD-NOS. If he were to be
    "re-diagnosed" today he would be "Asperger's". In almost all respects, today he is a typical "teanager". :) He still has some strugles, but I will attest to early intervention! Actually, some of the best early intervention was simply
    "one-on-one" with mom and/or dad! I would love to hear from you if you ever had a free minute. Hang in there! It doesn't necessarily get easier, but you will find the rewards amazing! I have an inspiring story written by Emily Pearl Kingsley. I found it, years ago, hanging on a wall at the Pediatric Thearpy Center I used to take Kyle to for OT and Speach Thearpy. I would love for you to read it. How would I send it to you? Make sure you have tissues on hand! Enjoy Australia - we've been there and it was awesome!

  24. Gary

    2006-08-06 02:21:34 -0400

    Have a wonderful fulfilling trip. I want a kangaroo and a koala too!!!

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