Bad News & Good News

The bad news: I have the flu. The kind where you can barely stand up except to hustle to the bathroom.

That means that I need to cancel my classes tomorrow and Sunday at PhotoExpress. I am so sorry you guys but it would not be an enjoyable experience for you or for me. I haven't been this sick in quite awhile. Michele will be calling you with all the information and the re-scheduled date.

The good news: today is Friday and that means it is AEzine Challenge day. Here was the challenge this week:

This week I want you to take a bit of time to check out your own style. What defines your style? Create a layout shows examples of your own style evolution - write about how you have grown as a life artist/scrapbooker since you first began. These sorts of stories are so important as a part of your own personal history. How cool for your family to see all the layouts you have created AND a layout that talks about how you see yourself evolving as a life artist/ scrapbooker.

I think I am more excited about seeing your results from this challenge than any other so far. I have seen a couple responses on blogs and in emails this week already and it was so cool. Post a link in the comments to your own blog, to a gallery, or do a little write up right here if you have time. And remember, more to come on style in the next issue.

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