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Thanks to everyone who has let me know about this charity for Autism Speaks over the last couple of weeks. Here are the details:

Autism Speaks created a music video of the Five for Fighting song, "World", which features images of autistic children and their families. It is a truly moving video and was the work of Bill Shea.

The band is generously donating $0.49 to Autism Speaks for each time the video is viewed - the funding goes toward research studies to help find a cure. When you have a moment, please visit the link below to watch the video and pass it along to your friends and family. They are aiming for 10,000 hits, but hopefully we can help them to surpass this goal.

To view the video, click here.

So many cool things happening these days on the internet. Love this opportunity to do good in this crazy medium of connectivity.

Speaking of connectivity, I got to chat with Kevin Bacon on the phone yesterday (that was when Paolo was playing blanket train with Simon). As the founder of SixDegrees.org he was the originator of that spectacular contest that so many of you generously participated in over the last few months.

It was really cool to get the opportunity to thank him personally for taking a chance on such a cool charity set-up. Our conversation was an interview that will be available as a podcast on the Six Degrees site soon (I think next week). We talked about the how I heard about the contest, my personal connection with autism, what the whole thing meant to me, connectivity, the power of people, one + one, etc. It was cool. He is cool.

They chatted with each of the top 6 badges so I am excited to hear from the others about their experience.

And, we did come out on top.


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  1. Lisa

    2007-04-15 05:57:44 -0400

    Thanks for the info on the video. I have a link on my blog now as well. Also congrats on reaching the goal.

  2. Sharon F.

    2007-04-15 06:10:25 -0400

    Congratulations! So very wonderful and exciting that you came out on top and got to speak to Kevin Bacon! I am so proud of you, Kevin Bacon and all of us for committing to a cause and doing it with full and open hearts. We are such a force!
    Best to you always!

  3. Suzer68

    2007-04-15 06:28:36 -0400

    Congratulations on getting the word out on autism. So awesome for Simon and for all of the others whose lives are affected by the condition!
    Hey, was thinking...could the video/podcast
    be put up on You Tube where it could get much more exposure? Is that a silly question? Is that doable? Is that something that is already being done? Hmm...
    Congrats again!

  4. sandi

    2007-04-15 06:55:49 -0400

    Way to go, Ali. You are the bomb.

  5. Alexa

    2007-04-15 08:26:58 -0400

    Great News Ali! How exciting for you to get to talk to Mr Bacon himself. Looks like you are all having fun with Paolo.

  6. Jenn N

    2007-04-15 09:51:04 -0400

    What a wonderful read today from your blog Ali. Be proud; your hard work, dedication to the cause, and love of the world around you has certainly hightened people awareness and their wanting to help with autism. Awesome work!
    And I just loved that video. It totally choked me up; for personal reasons and for the families featured. Thank you.

  7. Britt

    2007-04-15 11:37:17 -0400

    LOL, it's not everyday that someone can say "I chatted with Kevin Bacon on the phone!" WTG!

  8. Michelle Blais

    2007-04-15 14:44:08 -0400

    Thank you for having passion and a dream!
    I loved the video. I wanted to share some other interesting views on autism I recently became aware of while online. The reference is under the "Crystal" children. Many of these view are in line with the Hopi Prophesy you quoted on the blog a while back.

  9. melissa w

    2007-04-15 15:03:24 -0400

    I think you are my hero! You are too cool and talked with Kevin Bacon. You are the best.

  10. melissa w

    2007-04-15 15:04:53 -0400

    I think you are my hero! You are too cool and talked with Kevin Bacon. You are the best.

  11. Teresa

    2007-04-16 02:17:04 -0400

    Incredible Children! Incredible Families! Wonderful Video! Thanks for sharing. Looks like there were 130k views, hope lots of money comes to help. :)

  12. joanna

    2007-04-16 02:23:24 -0400

    Ali, I am SO delighted that the charity came out on top - I thought it had to have done, looking at the figures - I kept checking back at the 6 Degrees site, and the total was stacking up. And I would have f..r..e..a..k..e..d OUT if Kevin Bacon had called me - he (and you) are too cool!! Hope the money keeps rolling in :)

  13. KimG

    2007-04-16 02:40:42 -0400

    Awesome!!! Changes begins with the knowing! :)

  14. cami

    2007-04-16 05:16:00 -0400

    The next time you catch "Footloose" on TV it's going to be an entirely different experience!! WTG---the power of the people! YEAH ALI!

  15. Sandra

    2007-04-16 12:48:18 -0400

    I love that you got to talk with Kevin Bacon! And it's so cool that you "thanked him". I know he started the charity but I hoped he thanked you too for being the number one badge, you did a lot of work to get the word out there. You deserve a big Woo Hoo for that. Can't wait to hear the interview. Keep us posted.

  16. Anniek

    2007-04-16 19:27:33 -0400

    Congratulations for being the number one badge. I didn't make it in the end to make a donation (I have no credit cards, pay pal or friends in the US) but I can watch the video and spread the link between my friends. It's already on the Yahoogroup HOOP (for Dutch and Belgian families effected by autism) and I'm sure a lot of them will watch the video.

  17. Shaunna

    2007-04-16 22:08:50 -0400

    Ali, I just want to tell you how much you are admired out here for all the hard work you are doing to promote this cause! You are a spectacular individual!!
    I have linked back to this post from my blog, I hope it will help! I hope they are able to reach their goal! It is amazing how easy it is to do something so simple, but that will affect hundreds - if not thousands.
    {YAY} for paying it forward, huh?

  18. michelle simmons

    2007-04-18 11:20:06 -0400

    I didn't know where to leave this comment, but thought this to be a good enough spot. Thought it interesting to see all the various places that Autism Speaks is showing up...here is a link to Build-A-Bear-Workshop (one of my all time favorite fun stores). They are donating to that charity right now...here is the link: http://www.buildabear.com//CategoryImages/AutismSpeaksLogo.gif

  19. michelle simmons

    2007-04-18 11:22:27 -0400

    sorry...I gave you a bad link in my comment to you. The correct link for the Build-A-Bear-Workshop I was speaking of is: http://www.buildabear.com/shop/productdetail.aspx?ProductSKU=7601&Category=Donations&CallingPage=ProductSummary&sc_cid=EM_041707US_news2

  20. candi summers

    2007-04-18 12:03:26 -0400

    THere are lots of other videos you can watch under the AS link on the videos page and watching them will also get money donated!

  21. Candi Summers

    2007-04-18 12:08:26 -0400

    You can see the video I submitted to the Five for Fighting fundraiser for AS by clicking on my name. Each time it is viewed it raises money for AS!

  22. Kim Moore

    2007-06-19 08:39:56 -0400

    Ali - I just wanted to say thank you for chosing Autism Speaks as your charity. Autism Speaks is near to my heart also, as I have been on the committee for the Walk for Autism Research for the past 2 years. I am not sure if you will remember me but my sister is Jenny Doke and we worked a convention together a few years back -- who would have known that a few years later we would have this in common. Good luck and again thank you for chosing to promote awareness!!

  23. Raven

    2008-02-03 02:27:43 -0500

    Perhaps it's time for people who do not have autism to start listening to people with autism and people raising children with autism.
    Autism Speaks does not speak for autistics.
    They consistently disrespect autistics and autistic rights.
    Recently they used their lawyers to intimidate a 14-year-old autistic child who had a parody website (a right under the First Amendment of the American Constitution) by threatening to sue her for $90,000 US and forcing her to surrender her website domain to their organization. Why? Because they did not like being parodied.
    The child's crime? Wherever Autism Speaks had posted an insulting article regarding autistics, this 14-year-old had written a parodied article replacing the focus on "autistic children" to a focus on "neurotypical children."
    When the articles were written about "neurotypical children" it became offensive to Autism Speaks. And yet Autism Speaks has no problem whatsoever with being offensive towards autistics and their families.
    So for all of you who have been hoodwinked into raising the USD $30,000 plus for Autism Speaks, ask yourself if you really knew who you were raising funds for ... autistics or the people who are running Autism Speaks.
    Autism is genetic. It cannot be cured any more than you can cure being dark skinned or petite.
    When Autism Speaks promotes in its videos that "Autism Speaks wants a world where autism is a word in the history books" the only way that can be accomplished is through abortion, murder and genocide.
    We already saw certain groups of people who suffered under a similar mentality back in World War II. Are you willing to see this sort of thing return after more than have a century has passed?

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