Mosaic Monday.

1. inspiration board, 2. waiting to become blanket, 3. Wisp of Fall, 4. shins tree, 5. typewriter-royal, 6. vintage stamps, 7. Untitled, 8. i am currently loving..., 9. another wall, another cart, 10. woke up flying, 11. First snow of the season, 12. Killing time at intersections, 13. A note on the wall., 14. crema, 15. future push + pins, 16. t o p p e d

Haven't done one of these mosaics in awhile. If you have a Flickr account you can make one of these here. There are so many amazing photos on Flickr - you can get lost for hours and days if you want to (or if you aren't careful). What I always find interesting is that as I pick favorites (which is what my mosaic is made up of - favorites from other users) there are certain themes and patterns that begin to emerge. One thing I see in this grouping is the emphasis on the color cream. I also notice lots of circles (no surprise there).

We had a nice weekend adventure up to Olympia on Saturday for a book signing at Sharin' Memories (they have the cutest store in an old house) and then back to Portland to stay the night with Amy + Jason. Simon had fun playing with Ruby - chase, etc (and worked on lots of sharing).

After lots of playing and laughing we headed over to the new Ikea on Sunday morning. It has been a few years since I was in one and man, talk about cool stuff. Picked up a few things for the holidays and some frames for our dining room.

We also attempted to ride the OHSU tram on Sunday - only to find out it was closed (note to self: call ahead before planning + talking about super fun modern transportation opportunities). Simon was pretty bummed about that one. We did get to see it in motion and walk right up to it and look inside - but obviously, it is just not the same as riding in it.

And we did get those cookies made on Friday night - didn't get a chance to carve the pumpkins yet but the cookies were pretty darn yummy + fun.

Happy Monday!

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