Christmas Project #6 : Framing

One of the things I have enjoyed searching for over the last couple of weeks are cards and smaller holiday paper items from Goodwill + antique stores that can be given new life in a frame. The one above was from an old Japanese Christmas card and was less than a dollar. I cut out a couple words ("prince of peace") from the inside, removed the back, and adhered it to cardstock before placing it in a frame.

Here's another one that features a bunch of holiday stamps from 1979 - loved the images:

Here's a close up on the stamps:

You can also look to your holiday scrapbook supply stash. My plan is to frame three different sheets of patterned paper in these frames from Ikea (they are big ones) and hang them in our dining room:

That red patterned paper is from Making Memories and can be found here.

I am one of those people who likes to live with my photos - meaning they hang all over the walls of our house in a variety of different frames (most of them are black - I am trying to branch out a bit for some variety). I love that I can change them up from time to time and add holiday pieces by simply replacing the photo with something else right inside the frame (I store all the photos in an envelope in my office). Then, when the season is done and I am tired of looking at the holiday stuff, I can easily add the photos back in for the new year.

It's a cool way to change things up in your house without spending a bunch of money on all new stuff.

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