Three Things : Clocks


One of the things that I continually pick up at scrapbook stores are products having to do with the passage of time, especially clocks. Clocks are great because they are generic - you can use them to tell just about any story past, present, or looking ahead.

Here's a few things I am enjoying right now:

Technique Tuesday Storytime Clear Stamps

Heidi Swapp Ghost Shape Clocks

Sandylion Kelly Panacci Time Gems


Katie Pertiet Clock Parts Digital Element


Here's a few of my projects (older + recent) that feature clocks:


[ Thanksgiving Album (see entire book here) : any time I find small metal clocks I scoop them up for accents (the one featured here is from 7gypsies ) ]


[ From 2003 : clock cut from patterned paper + repeated as an accent ]


[ From Life Artist : using half of a Heidi Swapp 12x12 clock overlay ]


[ From A Designer's Eye for Scrapbooking (2004) : place a clock overlay on top of patterned paper ]

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  1. sue Treiber

    2008-04-08 02:22:58 -0400

    I love using clocks as well. It's an embellishment that goes well with just about any type of layout, and they'll never look 'dated'.

  2. Angi Smith

    2008-04-08 02:27:04 -0400

    So glad you are back! You were very missed!!! I have a fascination with clocks and collect new ones all the time. You should see me on the Sundays that time changes. I spend nearly half a day changing the time on my clocks! And I find that the fascination is rolling over to digital kits. Close to My Heart has a wonderful kit this year with clocks. And I just picked up one from Jen Ulasiewicz Designs.

  3. Erin

    2008-04-08 02:40:10 -0400

    I also love clocks-so versatile for almost any project or layout. Heidi Swapp also has clock clear stamps which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  4. Tracey

    2008-04-08 02:58:09 -0400

    Hey Ali,
    Do you know of any clock stamps where you add your own hands - so you can pick what time it is? I've been searching...
    As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Laurie

    2008-04-08 03:17:33 -0400

    I love the clocks as well. You got me addicted to them, as well as a few other things at CKU Chicago! Thanks for the links to where to buy more.
    PS. I used your Ali Font to write a note to my daughter from the Tooth Fairy. Her exact words "Mommy you don't write like this so the Tooth Fairy must be real!"
    Be Well!

  6. Molly

    2008-04-08 04:04:27 -0400

    It's no surprise that I love clocks too as you and your books are my entry point into scrapbooking. I have some, but have used them sparingly. Enough of that! Time (pun intended) for more.
    Also, that 5 McDougall's l/o (from your first book) is priceless.

  7. Kim

    2008-04-08 04:08:08 -0400

    I agree that I love the clocks! I just did the cover page for my 2008 album with pictures from our midnight kiss in the very first minutes of 2008. I put a Heidi Swapp Clock overlay on it. The clock says, "Life is not measured in minutes but in moments." I thought that was a great opening to a scrapbook album!

  8. vanessa

    2008-04-08 04:18:15 -0400

    I have to agree, I love to use them as well..normally I use the HS clocks..thanks for sharing some other examples with us!
    Your layouts are great!
    Vanessa :-)

  9. mrstjshelby

    2008-04-08 05:40:25 -0400

    this was perfect timing...
    i just got my heidi swapp clock stamps in the mail - YESTERDAY! no kidding! four different clock faces with separate hands (i think one of the other comments was looking for this). it's sitting on my table waiting for me to play with it today - and here you are! ta da!
    thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Tracey

    2008-04-08 07:37:12 -0400

    FOUND THE STAMP!!! It's about time! (ha-ha)
    After lots of searching, there it was at our new A.C.MOORE today - a clockface stamp with separate hands (a large and a small) to pick your time. From Inkadinkadoo. Weird timing since I just asked you today!
    Very inspiring clock post...
    Thankyou - thankyou!

  11. christen

    2008-04-08 08:56:48 -0400

    these are right up my alley...i love clocks! have you seen CTMH's clock set? the "make it count" set, i use it all the time.

  12. christen

    2008-04-08 08:58:16 -0400

    these are right up my alley...i love clocks! have you seen CTMH's clock set? the "make it count" set, i use it all the time.

  13. Anna

    2008-04-08 09:02:13 -0400

    so glad that you are back ali! so much fun to see the stuff you come up with. thanks for sharing!!!!

  14. paula

    2008-04-08 14:10:53 -0400

    Oh, I have clock stamps and stickers as well...forgot about them almost! Love what you've done with these. Paula

  15. Peggy Lucas

    2008-04-08 15:01:27 -0400

    Gosh, he's not even my child and that picture of Simon makes me smile - it is neat to see him now - so grown up! I love and collect clock paper/stuff too.

  16. Diana Barnett

    2008-04-09 00:54:55 -0400

    love the time themes. You are right, they are timeless! there is a punch with clock hands. nice gadget to have. I love gadgets. thanks for the ideas today.

  17. sue

    2008-04-09 01:19:27 -0400

    I think most people are fascinated by clocks and you've utilized them very well. There's a clock museum in Rockford, Illinois that you might enjoy sometime when you're in the Chicago area.

  18. CATHY

    2008-04-09 02:32:18 -0400

    Loved all of your work in this post, but I have a question...what Cocoa Daisy kit is your Thanksgiving album?? Love the colors!! your blog!! :D

  19. Wendy Kwok

    2008-04-09 13:54:11 -0400

    agree... these clocks are very useful.. i love them all!

  20. GlennaB

    2008-04-11 02:17:59 -0400

    Ali, I wanna come play at your house, you have all kinds of fun toys and cool ideas. I could never handle all the different page sizes without hand holding and yet I LOVE IT!!

  21. angib

    2008-04-19 16:37:46 -0400

    i'm such a big fan of clocks too. Here's a layout i did when the the Dare's had their Last Scrapper Standing contest a couple of years back. The theme was circles and clocks are just that : )
    they bring some interest to an otherwise linear layout. Being a linear scrapper I'm always doing the right-angle-thing. lol

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