Weekend Creative : Just Be



Whatever it is you embark on this weekend, simply + truly be in the moment.

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  1. lucy

    2008-04-25 10:00:30 -0400

    Will do my best. Have a great weekend Ali!
    It is ironic that you should mention this because I've been reading "the not so big life" by Sarah Susanka. http://www.amazon.com/Not-So-Big-Life-Matters/dp/0812976002/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1209156895&sr=1-1
    Someone is telling me something :-)

  2. leslie

    2008-04-25 12:22:04 -0400

    such a perfect reminder.
    thanks. again.

  3. Colleen B

    2008-04-25 13:03:52 -0400

    You said it perfectly. Need this one taped to my morning mirror!

  4. Amber Filkins

    2008-04-25 13:10:14 -0400

    Totally cool, totally cool. This would be an instant fave on Flickr. :)

  5. Lisa

    2008-04-25 13:51:15 -0400

    Thank You for the reminder!! :)

  6. Katie

    2008-04-26 02:32:16 -0400

    thank you, Ali.

  7. Michelle Filo

    2008-04-26 03:09:48 -0400

    oooh, I messed that one up big time ;)
    hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Stephanie

    2008-04-26 03:54:16 -0400

    Where did you get the cute notepad???

  9. Stacey from Two Writing Teachers

    2008-04-26 04:37:20 -0400

    Thank you fo rthe reminder Ali. I needed that!!!

  10. Bree

    2008-04-26 05:41:34 -0400

    Amen sister! Love your memo!!

  11. Marie Moser

    2008-04-26 12:59:26 -0400

    I took a nap.
    And LOVED every minute of it!

  12. ronee.malama

    2008-04-26 16:32:09 -0400

    I am working on being enough...lately i had to readjust...
    thank for being you!

  13. Suzanne

    2008-04-26 22:59:45 -0400

    What a wonderfull reminder to ourselves. I have just been over to flickr and this memo was on the explore page for last 7 days interesting. Good on you Ali the message is getting passed along now lets hope we can acheive this.
    Thanks again for sharing so much of yourself and your family.

  14. Colleen

    2008-04-27 00:23:22 -0400

    Such a great reminder Ali - thank you! It is so easy to get swept up in the busy-ness of life, the to-do lists and where we are headed. We often forget to appreciate that which surrounds us in the moment, and it is those moments that shape the story of our lives.
    I'm attending a class with Vicki Boutin today, and I plan to really focus on being fully present in the experience. Learning and growing. Your reminder is a perfect way to start my day.

  15. Jill

    2008-04-27 02:39:28 -0400

    WONDERFUL Weekend Creative! Perfect timing too...lots of friends and baking this weekend and BEING with them is exactly what I want to do!

  16. Molly Kate

    2008-04-27 11:07:18 -0400

    I love this note...and your handwriting! sweet. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Sharon F.

    2008-04-27 13:56:38 -0400

    Yes, that is my theme as well. I just discovered the New Earth book and online on demand series through Oprah's website. Quite fascinating. Definitely what I am needing.
    Thank you as always for your timing and the weekend creative jolt!
    excuse me while I go and experience some "in the now" moments....

  18. Steph

    2008-04-27 17:08:39 -0400

    Thank you for the perfect weekend creative this week. I needed to clean my house...yada, yada, yada... But instead I took advantage of our PERFECT weather today and sat on my deck for two hours and read my favorite childhood novel, 'Charlotte's Web'. I was completely in the moment...THANK YOU.

  19. sue

    2008-04-28 01:01:08 -0400

    I have really been trying to 'be in the moment' lately so thanks for the reminder to keep 'being'!

  20. melanie brewin

    2008-04-28 02:43:09 -0400

    Hi Ali, you don't know me but I am constantly inspired by your work & your family. BE that is good & will try & remember that one, in this crazy thing called LIFE. Just a quick question - do you use a bind it machine if so, which one do you use??? Any recommendations.
    Melanie xx (an aussie chick & fan)

  21. Karen Campbell

    2008-04-28 05:27:47 -0400

    Hi,there was an article in CK that talked about mantras so I came up with one "Live in the moment not the past or the future". I find it a struggle some times but I keep on trying. Love your work!

  22. Tiffany

    2008-04-28 06:14:20 -0400

    so the message I needed to see, if it was a print, it would be on my word wall as a reminder.

  23. Corinna Lyons-Revello

    2008-04-28 09:40:13 -0400

    Ali, as always you are SUCH an inspiration to me with this blog post. I really love your way of looking at life and your philosophies and I thank you for sharing them with all of us! I need to make one of these for myself and hang it in every room of my house.
    Corinna www.myscrapbooklife.com

  24. melanie

    2008-04-29 08:41:52 -0400

    this would make a really great desktop wallpaper. a delightful reminder.

  25. Avital Gertner-Samet

    2008-05-01 21:59:47 -0400

    I'm not sure whether you know or not, but your memo had been shown in a design blog:
    (It isn't my blog, I just thought you'd like to know)

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