Three Things : Re-Use


1. Reusable packaging from K&Company in a line designed by Amy Butler called Lotus. On the back of each package (the photo above is the back) are these great little elements that can be used on projects (these products can be found currently at Michaels). K&Company also has a pretty cool thing going on with their Preserve Your Memories. Preserve Your Earth. campaign.


2. I stopped in OfficeMax today to grab a couple of office binders and walked out with these Eco-Binders from TerraCycle. Here's the press release on that partnership. [ It doesn't look like they are available on the OfficeMax website yet. ]
Amazingly enough, when you are done with these binders you can send
them back to TerraCycle and they will recycle them all over again. I
could definitely see doing something crafty with these binders.


3. Itty Bitty Recycle Bin Book from etsy seller erinzam
: I continue to love when little bits of paper come together to create
something entirely new. These little books hold business card sized
pieces of paper (which would be perfect for lining up on a layout) and she has a bunch of these Itty Bitty Recycle Bin
books available in her shop. I love that the covers are old discarded
library books. Even cooler is that she posted the how-to for making
these on her blog (there are quite a few visual delights on her blog as well).


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