Back in the swing of things


I love getting back in the swing of things.

I am one of those people that loves the holidays and then loves to put all the stuff away and get back to whatever is coming next. Around here that includes a legislative session for Chris beginning on the 12th, Simon heading back to school on the 6th, and getting ready for a new baby coming soon.

I have spent the last couple of days hanging out with Chris and Simon, re-organizing Simon's room, working on the baby room, reading this, and putting away the holiday stuff.


We had a very lovely low-key holiday that was just right. Dinner at Chris' parents on Christmas Eve and then dinner here on Christmas Day.

My favorite thing this year? Cooking with Chris a good part of Christmas Day. He made the pie crust (his first one ever and it was awesome) and arranged the pork crown roast. I did the pie filling (cranberry & pear), the apple pecan stuffing, the pureed turnips (which were surprisingly good), and the gravy. The best part was just doing it together - I really loved that. Actually it was probably my favorite present.

The recipes we followed can be found here.


It was definitely a Star Wars Christmas in 2008. Books, figures, ships, etc (hence the need for a room reorganization) from family aunts & uncles, friends, and grandparents.

One of the most magical things at our house this year was that Santa
put new Star Wars sheets on Simon's bed while he was sleeping. That
Santa is pretty sneaky and it's pretty amazing that Simon slept through the whole thing. I think this could be one of those really special memories for years to come...

Hope you all had a lovely holiday and have been thinking a bit about a word for 2009. I am pretty sure I have chosen mine and will be sharing it on the 31st.


The last three pages of my December Daily will be posted later today (finished them up last night but wanted to wait for better light for taking photos of them).

Also, look for a very special giveaway this Wedenesday.

50 thoughts

  1. Karen M.

    2008-12-29 04:19:02 -0500

    glad you had a quiet christmas...i think those are the best kind. i have been wanting to read that it good??

  2. Melanie Brown

    2008-12-29 04:21:19 -0500

    We had a Star Wars Christmas at my house too! I would love to know what you are doing with the re-organization of the bedroom. My DS got 3 ships and I cannot figure out what to do with them. The are so big!

  3. Tona

    2008-12-29 04:23:10 -0500

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. I can't believe you were able to change Simon's sheets without waking him up. Did you have a story ready just in case he woke up?

  4. Amanda McDougall

    2008-12-29 04:23:48 -0500

    My word for 2009 is: grow.
    I am hoping to grow a photography studio, grow in my love and obedience of Christ, and grow a baby a little later this year!
    Thank you for such wonderful inspiration!

  5. Artful Yogi

    2008-12-29 04:45:09 -0500

    Hooray for the happy holiday. I know I'm a geek, but have to compliment Chris on the way he is bending in balance. Many guys have such curved spines when reaching into the oven. He is bending in balance using his legs and not his spine. Good move!
    More info here:
    And enjoy your week.

  6. Heather

    2008-12-29 04:54:14 -0500

    Interesting book you are reading...are you really liking it? I so need to pick up a book and read. Seems like I've had a hard time getting one that really holds my attention lately. So excited to hear more about the word for 2009 and the new baby to come. Congratulations!

  7. Jung A

    2008-12-29 04:55:12 -0500

    i'm just like you, in that i LOVE to put out decorations, but i'm ready to pack it all up once Christmas has come and gone. we put all our decorations away on the 27th, while most of our friends and family are keeping them up for the "12 days of Christmas."
    are you doing project 365 this year?

  8. Davinie

    2008-12-29 04:58:53 -0500

    I love how you are creative with everything, even coordinating with Santa on Star Wars sheets. That's just awesome. Simon is a lucky boy.
    pureed turnips? I'll have to take your word on that one, lol.

  9. Avital

    2008-12-29 05:05:23 -0500

    The smile on Simon's face is just magical. I'm sure you're as glad to give as he's to receive. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  10. Devon

    2008-12-29 05:07:15 -0500

    Wow. The sheet thing rocks the house!!! Did he notice immediately when he woke up?

  11. Jennifer

    2008-12-29 05:45:43 -0500

    Ali, wonderful pictures and I'm still in awe of the Star Wars sheets surprise! That's awesome...I had to show my husband, a 36-year ol Star Wars fanatic, the picture of Simon opening his gift. He knew immediately what it was and told me all about it. Lol...thank you for sharing part of your life with us every so often. You don't know how much I look forward to your new posts. Keep it up! Yet, make sure you're getting some rest and taking time for you. Happy New Year!

  12. o-girl

    2008-12-29 05:57:13 -0500

    I love the process of putting holiday stuff away too and getting back to everyday life. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas you all had. It'd be nice to have a willing, helpful & able partner in the kitchen. What a nice time for you & Chris! And....last but not least, as a mom, I'm trying to figure out the logistics of how Santa managed to get new Star Wars sheets on Simon's bed while he was sleeping. I could see it being possible as long as they were a bit of a heavy sleeper. Anyhoo...I love that magical touch!! Have a happy week, Edwards' family!

  13. Chris

    2008-12-29 07:17:51 -0500

    hey everyone! I spent yesterday catching up on the last week of December daily. Since I started mine at thanksgiving, and planned to end it on New Year's Eve, I can honestly say, I'm ready to be done.
    I'm sure it will be a wonderful keepsake, I enjoyed it, and I'm glad I did it, but I'm over it, ya know? Ready to move on to the next thing myself.
    I've decided the word for 2009 for me is: Easy
    As in, I want things to be simplified. K.I.S.S.
    Happy New Year to all!

  14. Ali

    2008-12-29 07:29:59 -0500

    I totally get it Chris - that's why I have stuck with the 25 days :) (it is more than enough for me).

  15. Chris

    2008-12-29 08:06:03 -0500

    So I changed my word. Simple. I think someone else said it maybe...
    First, technology for me has simplified. I blogged about it.
    I also chucked my 2008 album from my list of things to do. I just don't feel like being behind. I'm burning a dvd right now of all 2008 photos to stick in a pocket in my december daily album...which is officially ending today.
    In the eternal words of Miss Scarlet Ohara..."tomorrow is another day"

  16. Laura

    2008-12-29 09:15:00 -0500

    Wow!! You already have everything put away?!!!! We keep all of our things up until Three Kings Day on January 6th. It was of course a Star Wars Christmas here as well...3 Star Wars Lego ships!!!!!
    Glad you had a relaxing Christmas. I am thinking of my word for 2009.

  17. Sara

    2008-12-29 09:21:42 -0500

    Looks like a wonderful Christmas. I'm still thinking of a word. Happiest of new years to you and your beautiful family.

  18. Anthea

    2008-12-29 09:42:34 -0500

    Dear Ali,
    My 7.0 son's comment to pictures of Simon opening his christmas present was "that kid is so lucky, snow, polar express and star wars presents, can I swap with him". Want to swap one 7.0 Asperger's boy for another????? Simon can have a hot aussie christmas.
    Merry Christmas and thanks for the inspiration during 2008. I'm looking forward to more in 2009.

  19. Samara

    2008-12-29 14:06:25 -0500

    What a nice post, Ali. I've become a little addicted to your blog. :) Thanks for posting the recipes you used. I love turnips but really only make them one way. I intend to try this puree soon. Glad you're able to turn your attention back to life as usual. Enjoy...

  20. Lisa Hall

    2008-12-29 16:38:56 -0500

    happy holidays Ali
    hope that you are well thanks for the daily great food too .
    can't wait to see your bundle of Joy.
    many blessings to you and Chris and Simon
    Lisa Hall

  21. Lisa Hall

    2008-12-29 16:39:05 -0500

    happy holidays Ali
    hope that you are well thanks for the daily great food too .
    can't wait to see your bundle of Joy.
    many blessings to you and Chris and Simon
    Lisa Hall

  22. Janice Stovall

    2008-12-30 03:52:02 -0500

    Ali - I truly enjoy reading about your daily life with your lovely family. I can feel the closeness, and it makes for a beautiful Christmas card to us all!
    Glad you had a Merry Christmas!

  23. Nola Wedlake

    2008-12-30 11:29:08 -0500

    The star wars sheet cute! Love that!

  24. the paper pixie

    2008-12-30 14:09:11 -0500

    That little boy must have been totally worn out to sleep through the sheet change! Way to go on that one. I love it as the kids get older and they wish for certain things, you make it happen and they just beam. That just one of the magical things about christmas... kid's happiness.

  25. Karenraye

    2008-12-30 20:28:00 -0500

    Great pictures and what a great idea with the Santa sheets. I bet Simonwas amazed at Santa's magic! My word for 2009 is shine.

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