Back in the swing of things


I love getting back in the swing of things.

I am one of those people that loves the holidays and then loves to put all the stuff away and get back to whatever is coming next. Around here that includes a legislative session for Chris beginning on the 12th, Simon heading back to school on the 6th, and getting ready for a new baby coming soon.

I have spent the last couple of days hanging out with Chris and Simon, re-organizing Simon's room, working on the baby room, reading this, and putting away the holiday stuff.


We had a very lovely low-key holiday that was just right. Dinner at Chris' parents on Christmas Eve and then dinner here on Christmas Day.

My favorite thing this year? Cooking with Chris a good part of Christmas Day. He made the pie crust (his first one ever and it was awesome) and arranged the pork crown roast. I did the pie filling (cranberry & pear), the apple pecan stuffing, the pureed turnips (which were surprisingly good), and the gravy. The best part was just doing it together - I really loved that. Actually it was probably my favorite present.

The recipes we followed can be found here.


It was definitely a Star Wars Christmas in 2008. Books, figures, ships, etc (hence the need for a room reorganization) from family aunts & uncles, friends, and grandparents.

One of the most magical things at our house this year was that Santa
put new Star Wars sheets on Simon's bed while he was sleeping. That
Santa is pretty sneaky and it's pretty amazing that Simon slept through the whole thing. I think this could be one of those really special memories for years to come...

Hope you all had a lovely holiday and have been thinking a bit about a word for 2009. I am pretty sure I have chosen mine and will be sharing it on the 31st.


The last three pages of my December Daily will be posted later today (finished them up last night but wanted to wait for better light for taking photos of them).

Also, look for a very special giveaway this Wedenesday.

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