December Daily : Day Two


Yesterday I was inspired by Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas tutorials to play around with a couple things.


[ Christmas Red Stickles, Concerto Mask (this link also has a great video tutorial where Tim talks about working with the masks, prepping, what to do with them, and storage = super helpful), Brushed Courdory Distress Ink, Noah Alphabet Stamps from Studio Calico, Dot Stamp from Savvy Stamps, White Sharpie Poster Paint Pen ]

I enlarged a photo to 6 inches x 9 inches, printed it here at home on my HP Photosmart D7360, adhered it to the back of day one
and trimmed around the edge (the photos are glued back to back to
create the complete page). Journaled around the photo. More on the project featured in the photo soon.

For the second part of the spread (using the Scenic Route Kraft Photo Mattes as the base) I used Tim's Concerto Mask, Brushed Courdory Distress Ink, and a dot stamp to create the background. On top of that I stamped "on the 2nd of dec" and outlined each letter with the Sharpie Poster Paint Pen. Fun little experiment trying out the Stickles (great for holiday stuff) and I will definitely be using Tim's masks again.

Check out Tim's tutorial for more techniques involved in creating the second part of the spread (using the mask, the stickles, etc).

And here's the before:


[ Scenic Route Kraft Photo Mattes; random playing card tucked behind the tabbed photo matte ]

Dottedline is celebrating the season with 12 Days of Christmas. Each day through the 12th they are offering discounts, gifts with purchase, etc....including giving away a trip for four to Disneyland.

Check out their deal of the day here.


Celebrate the season. Read more about the concept of a December Daily Album and links to all related posts here.

33 thoughts

  1. Myra B

    2008-12-03 08:01:46 -0500

    very nice!!!

  2. Lauren

    2008-12-03 08:04:20 -0500

    Another yummy page! Thanks for sharing... it's turning out to be a fun adventure with you and Shimelle!

  3. Tona

    2008-12-03 08:13:12 -0500

    Thanks for sharing another great page.

  4. Ali

    2008-12-03 08:22:53 -0500

    Jenny - I generally use HP Glossy that I get from Office Max. Right now I am actually using the generic Office Max brand photo paper and it is working just fine.
    Amy - the calendar is an updated version I did back in 2007 :).

  5. Abby

    2008-12-03 08:24:33 -0500

    ohhhh lovely =)

  6. HeatherC

    2008-12-03 08:29:34 -0500

    Neat -- what are you making??

  7. Suzzi

    2008-12-03 09:12:38 -0500

    Great take on going from tag to paper. Thanks for a great idea.
    Unfortunetly, my first week is all about the flu. My turn right now, but the silver lining, laying in bed and catching up on blogs.
    Thanks again.

  8. Agnieszka

    2008-12-03 09:33:44 -0500

    love it ,I love your hand writting :)

  9. rebecca harper

    2008-12-03 09:35:27 -0500

    Great photo ali.. did you take it yourself??

  10. TracyBzz

    2008-12-03 10:00:17 -0500

    How long does it take you to do your page and then post to your blog? I saw this question on Tim's blog and he said 5-6 hours from the tag technique, photos, blog with links. That's an amazing devotion of time to your 'fans'. So thank you for all you do Ali (and other bloggers).

  11. Kay Gregory-Clark

    2008-12-03 10:09:03 -0500

    I love that each day you're showing us what you are doing and explaining it. We've had such great sunsets here (Kansas) this week that my photos mostly consist of them and this morning's sunrise! I haven't done anything else very photo-worthy. Tim's tags really are neat.

  12. kellyvincanada

    2008-12-03 10:23:13 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    Thanks so much for sharing this project (I played along last year, too, and loved every minute) and for the link to Tim's tag project. I have never visited his blog before but now I am pretty sure it will become a favourite. You are both so talented.

  13. Immi

    2008-12-03 10:27:41 -0500

    I'm really enjoying watching this month's project unfold. In thinking about your challenge to post what I'd like to learn over the next twelve months, I have to say it's not at all craft-related! After a thirty year hiatus, I'm returning to school. Sadly (for me!)I'm going to have to get through college algebra. It's going to take a couple of remedial courses to get there, but my goal is to get this math behind me, and learn (I hope) that I don't have to be afraid of it anymore.

  14. Shelly Kettell

    2008-12-03 10:31:14 -0500

    Am LOVING the Dec. daily!!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Stephanie S.

    2008-12-03 11:12:53 -0500

    Ali - what kind of pen did you use to journal on the photo? And have you journaled on both matte and glossy photos or just one of those?

  16. Ali

    2008-12-03 11:32:18 -0500

    Rebecca - I did take it myself (put the camera on a chair...on the ottoman..and used the timer).
    Stephanie - I used a Precision Pen from American Crafts. It works great on both matte and glossy.
    TracyBzz - it takes some time :).

  17. Heather

    2008-12-03 14:26:18 -0500

    Love that. The only thing I wish whenever I see your layouts is that I could click on it to make it big enough to read your journalling. I love that you journal right on your photos!
    Do you know if anyone has started a flickr group for December Daily? Have you? I'm doing one and I'd love to see what everyone else is doing, as well as add my own stuff.

  18. sandy fisher

    2008-12-03 14:27:28 -0500

    I love the picture of you and your son together. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Aia

    2008-12-03 15:08:29 -0500

    love your dec daily...lookin' good! love, love, love tim's tags of christmas, very cool.
    question about the felt is it made (aside form the felt, of course!) would love to try this!

  20. Ali

    2008-12-03 15:15:39 -0500

    Heather - yep, there is a Flickr group you can access here:

  21. gemma

    2008-12-03 20:04:46 -0500

    Scusa ma non parlo inglese,il tuoblog è bellissimo.cosa è URL?
    ciao da

  22. Jennifer

    2008-12-03 23:08:43 -0500

    Love how you translated Tim's tag into a page layout...I always have trouble with that sort of thing. Thank you for sharing.
    I have to ask...WHAT is the project you are doing with the red felt...I am intrigued.
    Also loved your pics from Day 1 - you look wonderful and very happy being pregnant.

  23. Ronikaleigh

    2008-12-04 01:18:29 -0500

    Ali I really lover your style. Scrapbooking has slowly creeped into my life over the years. From having friends who were into it, I really didn't appreciate it on a scale where I was interested enough to partake in the craft. I have a heavily craft based education, yet my life has taken a different direction, career wise. The way you work your scrapbooks has let me see scrapbooking in a different light, one that is drawing me in. I am on board with the December Daily project alothough not as prepared with the book already created. Even in these early stages of documenting a little something each and everyday, has lead me to become more and more mindful of moments that could easily pass me by. Thank you for being your creative self and sharing your talents with the world.

  24. emily ruth

    2008-12-07 15:08:42 -0500

    oh my know i am not together enough to do this...not this year...but i'm loving looking at yours!...the thing that i'm dying to know is: what exactly are you doing in that picture? making a wreath? a garland? it looks so cute! i want to know! :)

  25. emily ruth

    2008-12-07 15:10:39 -0500

    alrighty! i am impatient & i don't do research. this is what we have learned. also that i read posts in the order they were done not from top to i know what you were doing & it is indeed adorable:)

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