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Thanks for taking the time to share what has been inspiring you
lately in the comments today. There were lots of new-to-me links that
were fun to check out - loving all the visual inspiration. 

Here are today's giveaway winners:

Digital Scrapbook Memories : Retreat Package 6 (valued at $299) PLUS a $300 travel credit to help you get to Salt Lake for the event.

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Tiffany A.
• I
am actually inspired by me lately (well to be honest, me as a kid). I
just found a box in my parents barn containing all of my report cards
from grade 1-12, my class pictures from grade 1-5, all of my sports
memorabilia and pictures I took on class field trips. I am so excited
for the first time EVER to scrap all about ME. I can't wait!!!

Flower Patch CD 

Posted by:
Malissa A 

• This
may sound completely hokey - but these days, my inspiration comes from
trying to find creative ways to use what I have. Instead of running out
to find the "perfect" item, I am trying to look at what I have and
repurpose it. While my husband and I have been fortunate enough not to
be completely hit by the recession, I think this is a good reminder for
all to re-examine our lives for purpose and meaning that go beyond the
physical "stuff". (this has also caused me to look a little closer at
my shoe obsession!)

Family Ties CD

Posted by:
• i am inspired by my garden. the colors and smells and fresh dirt.


The Vintage Pearl : a choice of a one item from the shop

Posted by:
• i'm inspired by love.


Blueberry Freckles Printable Paper Goods : A cool combination package filled with printable stationery, invite, bookplate, and tags.

Posted by:
Samantha Piette
• Definitely
inspired by the One Pretty Thing blog... she compiles all sorts of
crafty ideas for every type of crafter. Definitely worth a look!

If your name is listed above please email me with your contact information: ali at aliedwardsdesign dot com.

14 thoughts

  1. jamie

    2009-03-04 16:16:57 -0500

    congratulations stuff coming your way!

  2. Jacky

    2009-03-04 20:04:49 -0500

    Congrats to all the lucky girls!

  3. Em

    2009-03-04 21:25:33 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    Totally OT but I was wondering whether you could post a picture of Anna's name in her room. When you shared the room pics before you purposely left it out but I'd still like to see it!
    Great to follow your blog and know you all are doing so well! Take care.

  4. Giddy

    2009-03-04 22:29:15 -0500

    Some very lucky ladies there! Congratulations!!

  5. Sue

    2009-03-05 00:23:57 -0500

    Congrats ladies!

  6. Nicky from Canada

    2009-03-05 00:27:08 -0500

    Congrats to you all - thanks always for the giveaways Ali

  7. Tracey

    2009-03-05 00:43:10 -0500

    She looks so much like you in those photos! Congratulations on your beautiful new baby girl.

  8. noell

    2009-03-05 00:51:32 -0500

    Congratulations, ladies!

  9. Deanna

    2009-03-05 01:51:16 -0500

    I missed the contest yesterday but I have to say your new stamps sets with Technique Tuesday inspire me, the words and phrases constantly make to think and re-evaluate!
    Here is a little card I made last night...
    I love the handwritting look but I have terrible writting, at least for cards... lol!

  10. Cindee Ellenbarger

    2009-03-05 02:31:12 -0500

    Congrats to them all!! What a wonderful give away.

  11. Carole Hepburn

    2009-03-05 04:08:12 -0500

    Congratulations winners ~

  12. Karen

    2009-03-05 05:33:21 -0500

    She's simply perfect :)

  13. marlee

    2009-03-05 05:50:12 -0500

    Oh my goodness - at first glance I thought those were both pictures of Anna. That is an amazing resemblance! Did Simon look like you as a baby?

  14. Karen Greenfield

    2009-03-05 10:30:27 -0500

    Too cool that Tiffany, with her box of photos of herself, won!! I hope she can go to that retreat and scrap her own stuff...encourage her to share what she does. I'd love to be inspired by what she does too. Karen

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