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Thanks for taking the time to share what has been inspiring you
lately in the comments today. There were lots of new-to-me links that
were fun to check out - loving all the visual inspiration. 

Here are today's giveaway winners:

Digital Scrapbook Memories : Retreat Package 6 (valued at $299) PLUS a $300 travel credit to help you get to Salt Lake for the event.

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Tiffany A.
• I
am actually inspired by me lately (well to be honest, me as a kid). I
just found a box in my parents barn containing all of my report cards
from grade 1-12, my class pictures from grade 1-5, all of my sports
memorabilia and pictures I took on class field trips. I am so excited
for the first time EVER to scrap all about ME. I can't wait!!!

Flower Patch CD 

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Malissa A 

• This
may sound completely hokey - but these days, my inspiration comes from
trying to find creative ways to use what I have. Instead of running out
to find the "perfect" item, I am trying to look at what I have and
repurpose it. While my husband and I have been fortunate enough not to
be completely hit by the recession, I think this is a good reminder for
all to re-examine our lives for purpose and meaning that go beyond the
physical "stuff". (this has also caused me to look a little closer at
my shoe obsession!)

Family Ties CD

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• i am inspired by my garden. the colors and smells and fresh dirt.


The Vintage Pearl : a choice of a one item from the shop

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• i'm inspired by love.


Blueberry Freckles Printable Paper Goods : A cool combination package filled with printable stationery, invite, bookplate, and tags.

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Samantha Piette
• Definitely
inspired by the One Pretty Thing blog... she compiles all sorts of
crafty ideas for every type of crafter. Definitely worth a look!

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