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April 8, 2009

Wednesday Sponsor Giveaways : Paper Relics, Shabby Chic Crafts, & Scrap Etc. Events


Paper Relics is the online shop of designer Hope Wallace . Paper Relics features enchanting & whimsical greetings, ephemera, stamps and more for both paper and digital artists. You can learn more about Hope by visiting her blog here. I especially liked her post about "nostalgic creativity."

In addition to what she is giving away below, Hope is extending 10% off anything in her shop through April 14th, 2009. Use the code "happyday."

Here's what Hope is generously offering up today:


One person will receive a set of custom return address labels, design of your choice (select from designs here).


One person will receive one antique paper bundle and 3 of their most popular collage sheets as shown.


Three people will receive 4 digital kits of their choice (shown above).


Shabby Chic Crafts Journaling Tags ad

Shabby Chic Crafts is run by Veronica and her husband Albert. They specialize in designer, handmade, high quality, scrapbooking paper products including tags, journaling tags, and embellishments. For more on Shabby Chic Crafts visit their blog here.

One winner will receive six new tag sets of their choice.

Shabby Chic Crafts is also looking for a few guest designers. If you are interested in learning more email them at



Scrap Etc. Events : One person will receive a spot at the Scrap Etc Event in Atlanta, GA from April 30th through May 2nd, 2009 (does not include airfare or accommodations). This is one of the top events in the country and features workshops from Margie Romney-Aslett, Jenni Bowlin, Jessica Sprague, Melodee Langworthy, Gretchen McElveen, and Elizabeth Kartchner. Ticket includes all 6 workshops, all activities during the event, and 2 socials. Value $399.

NOTE : If this event is something that you could realistically attend based on your location please note that in your comments below. I will pull them out and do a separate drawing for those able to make the event.


To be entered into today's drawing leave a comment below sharing a frugal scrapbooking tip (if you don't have one that's cool too – just leave a scrapbooking tip). Comments will be closed at 8pm Pacfic with the winners posted shortly after.


  • 1.
    Cameron H said…

    Such cute giveaways! And I would LOVE to attend Scrap Etc. — I live in Atlanta, so no travel for me! As for frugal scrapbooking, these days I usually use a photo-safe glue stick when attaching photos to paper or paper to paper. Dry adhesive can get so expensive!

  • 2.

    I’ve learned my lesson today: Suddenly the CF-card of my digital camera refused its service :-( The last time I copied pictures to the computer was March 11th. So precious pics are lost, e.g. my baby daughter sitting fot the first time.

  • 3.
    ~Kristina said…

    Use what you have! You do not need everything to get started.
    I can’t wait to see what everyone else has to say. Thanks Ali!

  • 4.
    Susan W said…

    Cute giveaways! My tip is to journal your thoughts. That helps when you go to work on your pages later. That way your memories of an event or a photo you took are clearer and you can finish your page more quickly.

  • 5.
    Diana Foster said…

    I love using every bit of my pop dots. Once the actual dots and used, I start cutting up the remainder of the 3-D material. It really extends the life of the product. Love you art Ali.

  • 6.
    Pattie said…

    My best frugal tip is to look through your stash! I always seem to find something I can re-purpose. (I would not be able to go to Atlanta — great giveaway, though.)

  • 7.
    lNicki Lundeen said…

    Frugal tips….when I use sticker letters, I save the negative space. You can cut it out, place it on a colored background and get double use out of your stickers, or you can get some of the sticky off the back and use it as a letter stencil by inking it.
    I also look at packaging..if there is a cool design or something, I save it and use on scrapbook pages.

  • 8.
    Kathleen D said…

    I’ve never been this close to the top of the list before. Did you say frugal? What’s frugal about scrapbooking (jk)? I guess my only tip would be “share the wealth.” When I haven’t used something I give it away to my friends who are “newer” into scrapbooking. I had a friend who was super generous with me with her “stash”, so I try to do the same with others.
    p.s. I am good with winning the Atlanta trip or anything else!

  • 9.
    andrea c said…

    this tip may not be frugal, but it’s worthwhile: i keep a Crayola crayon in my tool basket – i use it to pick up gems. the waxy tip is great at grabbing hold of the gem…then i just place it on the spot of glue. it beats using tweezers, which tend to make the gems “fling” all around my scrap space!!!

  • 10.
    lisa said…

    My local scrapbooking store has an annual garage sale so that you can sell the things that you don’t use anymore and will give you a gift certificate to their store for whatever you sell. It’s a win-win! ( As much as I would love to, I wouldn’t be able to make it to Atlanta).

  • 11.
    Nicole said…

    I don’t have a lot of money to scrapbook, so I usually plan my page, look through my photos online and THEN go print out pictures so I don’t print out more than necessary.

  • 12.
    Christine said…

    I try to use all of my small scraps of paper to make homemade greeting/birthday/etc. cards. I don’t waste paper and I save money not having to go to the card store. Those things are getting so pricey!

  • 13.

    I wish I could attend Scrap Etc but unfortunately the travel expense is just not fitting the budget right now. And speaking of budgets, I have found my best frugal scrapbooking tip lately is just using what I have! I have so much there is simply no need to keep adding to my stash till I use up a lot of what is there. And I have learned over the years that I go back to the same supplies over and over again. I don’t need the newest and trendiest pieces of this and that because I rarely use them. I need my fave colors of cardstock, some fun patterned paper, stamps, ink, a few Thickers, my AC pens, adhesive, and my photos! I can get creative and make my own embellishments. It is part of the fun of creating!

  • 14.
    Lani said…

    Scrap digitally! The wonderful products available make it easy for even paper scrappers to incorporate digital elements, and since they are buy once – use many items, it is such a worthwhile investment. I love hybrid scrapbooking!
    (although it would be wonderful, I could not realistically attend the atlanta trip. good luck to everyone who can!)

  • 15.
    Jen said…

    My tip is to always save your scraps! I use SO many scraps as embellishments and can avoid buying pricier embellies that are specifically made for a project. Especially if the patterned paper has words on it, you can cut it up for journaling or a title.

  • 16.
    Kelly H said…

    my only tip is to enjoy it, enjoy the moments the memories and the time.
    (I wouldn’t be able to go to Atlanda, thankyou)

  • 17.
    Deb said…

    At our monthly crops, my friends and I put extra supplies we don’t use or don’t need anymore onto a table — you take what you need and give what you don’t. After 6 months, what still hasn’t been taken is donated to a local children’s hospital for use in their arts and crafts room.

  • 18.
    Judy Lucas said…

    Frugal? Once a month the women in my family get together to scrapbook- we exchange pictures, die cuts and paper and lots of other stuff everytime. It makes you feel like once a month you get to play with other peoples stuff. Can’t go to Atlanta- but WOW- what an awesome opportunity for someone!

  • 19.
    Tina said…

    OMGoodness love the give aways. Save your scraps in a bag with coordinating unused patterned paper and you will be more likely to use them. Keep all items from a kit together even after used.

  • 20.
    Joanne said…

    OHHHH! such fantastic giveaways! Frugal tip – hmmm…I think it would be to use what you have. Look at what you have and figure out how to use it differently. I love all the prizes!

  • 21.
    laura j said…

    My tip would be to “share”. I know we want it all but for a “one time use” of a stamp or inkpad color I’d recommend checking out your friends stash before purchasing!

  • 22.

    Wow! Such generous giveaways. I find that my punches help with scrapbook frugality. I can make my own tabs, tags and journaling spots with left over bits of paper and even pretty note cards I’ve received in the mail.

  • 23.

    I make up page kits in advance using the materials I already have first then if I need something I will go and buy only that. Gone are the days of hoarding and stockpiling. Woo…Hoo.. I cannot attend the Craft Etc. event unfortunitely. Thanks for the chance.
    Cindy (Texas)

  • 24.
    Jessica Larsen said…

    Gosh, I save all my scraps…and I mean all of them. I use every inch of paper and foam squares, etc. I also have really toned down how much I am buying embellishment wise. A lot of it was just stuff that wasn’t necessary. Thanks!

  • 25.
    Janice said…

    All those beautiful rub-ons we buy and store have a shelf life – after a while they won’t adhere as well. So go ahead, use them up! I love to layer them so they peek out under paper mats or photos, and to place them behind the sentiments on cards. I would not be able to go to Atlanta, but what a great giveaway.

  • 26.
    Hannah said…

    Two of my girlfriends and I have started our own little “kit club”. Each month we mail another a little Kit! They are so much fun, and always so different! We usually buy different products, so it gives us a chance to break up some of those larger quantity purchases, or give someone else a chance to use something they normally wouldn’t buy! Besides…it saves us $30 a month by not joining a kit club….Even though there are many, many clubs out there we would like to join, sometimes the $30 is a little much for our small budgets!
    Not to mention it’s a fun way to stay in touch with each other!

  • 27.
    Beth Hu said…

    My New Year’s resolution was to make at least one card from the scraps from my lay-outs and then get rid of the random 2 inch strips I seem to be unable to throw away normally. Happy Wednesday!

  • 28.
    Lora said…

    I save plastic packaging and cut clear shapes with my Big Shot.

  • 29.
    Kirsten L said…

    Repurpose or sell what you don’t use. I’ve sold some of my older/I don’t like or use it anymore stuff to other scrappers and they have loved it. I would love to go to Atlanta!!

  • 30.
    Crystal said…

    Within my little scrap circle, we always share our tools. Our rule is to never buy without checking the circle list (our list of supplies and tools). Our system works great! Scrap Etc. would be awesome to attend! I live in SC, so Atlanta is only a 2 hour drive. Please put me in the drawing for this giveaway. Thanks Ali!

  • 31.
    Kelly said…

    My tip is I use brown paper bags that come in the mail (office max, etc)- they are covered with designs and letters that I cut up and use for my layouts. Sometimes I use the whole word and other times I use individual letters. Last year they even had scroll patterns on the bags…..very fun……and FREE!
    Love your work Ali!
    Kelly in St. Lou

  • 32.
    Therese said…

    WOW!!! What wonderful giveaways.
    My frugal tip is paint and inks. I’ve found that no matter what paper I don’t have I can make another one work with a swipe of paint or distressing it with inks.

  • 33.
    Alyson said…

    My frugal tip is realizing that you don’t need everything new that comes out in the industry (my old self.) I am trying to buy ONLY those things that I know I will use!! I WOULD be able to attend Atlanta and I would LOVE TO GO!!!!

  • 34.
    Lexi said…

    Atlanta would just be a plane hop over for me! Would be THRILLED to go!!! Tip….some have aready said it, but I’ve really tried lately to limit my purchases to just my absolute favorites. And go thru what I already have…which is plenty! I find I’m more creative when I pick less of everything to use on a layout!
    Great giveaways, as always!!!

  • 35.
    RachelG said…

    Save your small scraps use what you have. It’s amazing the fun/gorgeous papers and embellies you’ll find, just by “shopping” your own stash.

  • 36.
    candi Summers said…

    I started scrapping digitally (I still do traditional) and realized that I can REUSE the digital pages I have created in the books of multiple children. Example: I made a beautiful digital scrapbook of my baby’s first year. Then I took those pages and filled in the blanks and made the highlights of our family for that year. I then took some of those pages and filled in the blanks to make a book for my 7 year old daughter for that year. You can take the digital and use it again and again since it’s already finished. Now that’s economical! :)

  • 37.
    Liz H. said…

    I use random materials that can be found anywhere…i.e. a (price) tag tied to a pair of jeans with twine, funky pins used to pin tags to clothes I buy (mainly suits).

  • 38.
    Katie Squires said…

    The packaging on the products is often so cool that I like to use it in my work.

  • 39.
    PF Goh said…

    I store every piece of paper/scrap down to the punch outs. You never know when they will come in handy.

  • 40.
    Lisa Martin said…

    I would find a way to get to Scrap ETC if I won! You always have the greatest give aways!
    My frugal type is if you’re matting a picture, cut out the insides of the piece of paper that’s going to be the mat. It doesn’t have to be neat even. But it could give you a nice sized scrap piece of paper. It’s especially great to do this if the paper is just one you dearly love.

  • 41.
    Nicola said…

    I save all my scraps big and small, and when planning a layout, always go through my scraps first to see if I have anything I can use. Most of the time, I can include something recycled on a layout – sometimes, I manage to get the entire layout made from scraps.

  • 42.
    Courtney Newton said…

    I have found some great photosafe adhesive at the dollar store…the little double-sided squares with the blue tabs on the back. Aside from all of the blue tabs being left over and having to get them into the garbage, it’s a great cheap solution.

  • 43.
    Gwen said…

    Reusing bits from non scrap items is a favorite frugal tip for me. I love to use tags from clothing. You’d be amazed at the cool tags. I’ve made mini books using them or used the icons from them. The textures are cool and lots of times are attached with cool pieces of string or ribbon.
    I would love to attend the Scrap Etc. event and could do so, especially since my husband is on a ‘boys’ vacation that weekend!
    Thanks for the great giveaways.

  • 44.
    Susan said…

    I would love to attend Scrap Etc!
    My frugal tip is that I save the hard plastic that some embellishments come in and use that to make “ghost” embellishments with my Quickutz. Really works!

  • 45.
    Kristy said…

    My frugal tip is to just use adhesive on the corners of your photos … or if you need a long line of adhesive, you can leave little breaks in it … you don’t need solid adhesive around all the edges of your paper/photo in order to hold it securely. This helps you stretch your adhesive a little farther. And stock up when you see a sale or a 40% off coupon from the craft store! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 46.
    mindy said…

    Lately I have been trying to scrap with only supplies on-hand. And I try to re-use or re-purpose things I receive, like cards, invitations, gift wrapping, etc.

  • 47.
    Jessica Segui said…

    Two words: SCRAPBOOK SWAP! My girlfriends and I are getting together tonight for our first scrapbook swap. We’re all bringing supplies that we don’t use, have too much of, or bought with the best of intentions and never actually used, and we’re blessing each other with “new” stuff. I’m bringing gift bags for everyone, and we’ll “shop” for new inspiration. Eco-friendly and economically-sound. Woo-hoo!

  • 48.
    Liz said…

    I am just a beginner in digital scrapbooking and have found blogs like this one, and all the resources so helpful–no need to buy books, etc as there is plenty of great stuff on line. I also have turned to my public library for other resource materials FIRST instead of going right to Amazon– the books I buy are ones that I really think are worthwhile to have handy at home….
    I have learned so much here–great frugal tips!

  • 49.
    Debbie C said…

    I guess for the frugal part I use the ever so cheap glue stick for lots of projects. I would also have to echo the other comments on “use what you have”. If I see something new that is cute, I probably have something similar already, or if it is an embellishment, I have everything I need to make it.
    I would be thrilled for a chance to go to Scrap, Etc. I live here in Atlanta, but our frugalness (i.e. budget) doesn’t allow for the cost of the ticket now. If I could win a free spot, that would make me sooooooo happy. :-)

  • 50.
    Lainey Molin said…

    My tip is use your scraps! I’ve often found just the right touch of patterned paper in my scrap bin – and it saves me from wasting an entire sheet of paper!