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water lily by you.
[ Shore Acres State Park July 2008 ]
I've decided to do a mini version of my week in the life project this weekend and you are invited you to play along. All that's needed is your camera and a willingness to document your life for two whole days (much easier to swallow than the seven required in the week version).

The end result of this project (whether you create layouts, a minibook, or record it on your blog) will be a glimpse of your life at this particular point in time. I am going to wait until I see how many photos I take before deciding on a format.

Anyone can do this project. Consider inviting your spouse, child, parent, or friend to participate with you.

Feel free to start on Friday night if that's the beginning of your weekend. I'll be starting on Saturday morning and continuing through Sunday evening.

As usual take more photos than you think you will need. Capture, capture, capture.

Here's some things to consider capturing:

  • weekend morning rituals

  • the time on your clock when you wake up

  • your place of worship

  • Sunday evening routine

  • capture doing nothing if you are lucky enough to get that chance

  • the places you go (sporting events, nurseries, out to breakfast, drinks with friends)

  • in general, what makes your weekend special or different from your life during the week

Don't forget to charge your camera batteries and to keep your camera with you as you go about your weekend.


To get your weekend started, here's a freebie download of a couple words for you to use on upcoming projects. Zipped file includes 3 .png hand drawn word images. Click below to download.

Download AEdwards_Weekend

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