Right now.


Just a few minutes ago:

  • Two kids in striped PJ's hanging out together in the couch (favorite PJ's from Hanna Anderson) watching PBS Kids.

  • Hot cocoa for Simon - because why not on a summer morning? Made by Dad before he left for work.

  • Hot coffee for me while I take deep breaths as I deal with some computer problems on my desktop.

Is your camera close at hand? Document your own "right now" right now. Ready, set, go.

67 thoughts

  1. Stephanie H

    2009-06-24 12:26:44 -0400

    Love this idea Ali. I just blogged my Right Now.

  2. Hilde

    2009-06-24 12:51:02 -0400

    Ali- You have two of the cutest kids on the planet. Period. Thanks for the smile.

  3. Gabi

    2009-06-24 13:07:58 -0400

    They are the cutest! Love the happy moments. Adorable and priceless capture.

  4. angie

    2009-06-24 13:39:44 -0400

    Holy cow! My right now was a few minutes ago! I was on the Martha blog and I clicked on the Crafts dept! Did you know you were mentioned/featured on there?? It is the sample of your butterfly punch art! WTG!!
    Right now the boys are watching that crazy show Wipeout and baby girl is needing her beddie time bottle!

  5. Jen

    2009-06-24 13:57:06 -0400

    The other day my girls wanted hot chocolate. I'm thinking...it's summer!!!! Glad to see they aren't the only ones! ;D TFS!

  6. Melanie

    2009-06-24 14:04:17 -0400

    I love this photo. How sweet that Simon looks so happy and Anna is laughing. It doesn't get better than that.

  7. Diane

    2009-06-24 14:38:36 -0400

    That shot is so totally cute! Love the smiles and laugh too!

  8. Sandra

    2009-06-24 14:59:42 -0400

    How sweet! what a perfect moment!

  9. Alice Wahyuni

    2009-06-24 15:23:35 -0400

    Both kids expressions light up our day *o*

  10. Donna

    2009-06-24 15:25:18 -0400

    Oh my gosh...that is the cutest picture ever !!!

  11. Cheyne

    2009-06-24 16:55:44 -0400

    Does that baby ever cry? You are so lucky to capture so many giggly moments! I enjoy watching (reading) how much you appreciate your life & the little moments & things in it. Thankyou for your inspiration.

  12. Jane

    2009-06-24 21:03:10 -0400

    How cute! love it!

  13. Amy

    2009-06-25 00:21:18 -0400

    that picture is priceless

  14. jakki

    2009-06-25 02:18:26 -0400


  15. Christine villacarlos

    2009-06-25 03:04:56 -0400

    love that photo! :)

  16. Huyen

    2009-06-25 03:21:03 -0400

    Looks like you got some Zebras hanging around. Very cute!

  17. Jennifer

    2009-06-25 05:54:09 -0400

    Those are the moments to capture. Sure it is nice to take a picture of the first tooth etc...but those daily memories are the best!
    Thanks for the warm fuzzies for today!

  18. julie k

    2009-06-25 06:06:26 -0400

    did it! thanks for the suggestion... it helped me pause and appreciate the sweet little boy i have playing right beside me! :)

  19. Carolyn

    2009-06-25 08:25:44 -0400

    What an absolutely adorable picture!! Love the smiles and laugh.

  20. Staci Mikelle

    2009-06-25 08:58:48 -0400

    I love all your baby clothes, do you have favorite sellers? I'm trying to find clothes without all the little "cheesy" baby animals all over it for our baby due in Nov.

  21. Samara

    2009-06-25 10:19:57 -0400

    Smiling kids in striped jammies with PBS. What an awesome morning, minus computer frustrations. Great idea to take a right now photo. Did it. Thanks!

  22. Jennifer Larson

    2009-06-25 13:05:18 -0400

    Thanks for the reminder--my kids have been going at it all day and have been in a moment of peace around the Legos. I went and got the camera!

  23. Cristina-Sweet Pea Ink

    2009-06-26 03:25:37 -0400

    Hi Ali-
    Love this idea. :) Here is my right now...

  24. Bev

    2009-06-26 06:34:35 -0400

    one of our LSS collects all this extra scrap stuff. They keep a pile of boxes so that when teachers ask, they can come just take a box. It is a wonderful idea. They give when asked, but it doesn;t take away from their profits. Plus when you take all your old stuff in to donate, you feel good about buying new stuff since you now have empty space to fill.

  25. Miss Dot

    2009-06-26 20:44:05 -0400

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