Lately you...



1. You have been doing awesome with your morning routine. No grumpiness waking up and barely any fuss when we comb your hair before heading outside to catch the bus for summer school.

2. You love to play tag & chase before the bus picks you up. We discovered this a couple months ago and it has made a big difference in your attitude right before you get on the bus. Something about getting to run around a bit with Mom or Dad in the fresh morning air seems to do the trick.

3. You want to be the first one to greet Anna in the morning. You like to unwrap her from her blanket and say "good morning Anna" or "good morning fancy pants." Then you come yelling to me, "Anna's awake! Anna's awake! Come see! Come see!"


4. You are finding that the power to read is a very, very cool thing. New books from the library are longer and more interesting. Yesterday morning you wanted to check out the comics while we ate breakfast.

5. You are rockin the legos. You now get that if something breaks off or falls apart all you need to do is grab the instructions and it's an easy fix. I found you in your room last night putting one of the smaller ships back together calmly and actually enjoying the process (vs. being really, really upset that a piece had broken off).

6. You and I have been watching Harry Potter movies almost every night. I love that this is something we both really enjoy.

7. You went down the big slide at the outdoor pool today all by yourself and swam to the side.


8. You are developing more independence & self-awareness. A couple of times in the last week you have made the choice to go to bed when you felt tired (and told us that was what you were going to do). Being able to care for yourself and your needs is such a cool skill.

9. You are also doing a lot of talking back and testing. We go back and forth between being excited to have you expressing yourself and feeling super frustrated with some of the behaviors that go along with you testing the boundaries.

10. You love to talk about how cool Anna is and include her in everything you are doing.You are an amazing, loving big brother.

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