These Two


These two have been getting along wonderfully. 

Lily is eight years old now and she is the best dog. She gets a little crazy in the morning when it's time to go outside and wait for the bus (she knows she gets to chase her ball) and anytime she hears the UPS or FedEx trucks approaching (all bark and no bite). 

She is gentle and soft and is so happy to have Anna's attention (even when Anna grabs her ears). She's especially happy when Anna drops little tid bits from her high chair or when we take Anna out of the chair and she can check out what's been left behind. 

She was great with Simon when he was a baby too. 


Just typing that reminded me of this classic layout circa 2002 (hello paper strips). Simon would have been just a month or so older than Anna. I totally laughed as I read the journaling about her being a maniac...she has definitely mellowed over the years. 

She is still super loyal. She is the kind of dog you can let out in the front yard and she will not leave (our male dogs always wanted to take off). She's happy to hang out with the family and is always up for an adventure in the car. 


Simon is less of a fan of Lily these days. If you notice in the photo above there is a wand pointing at Lily coming down from the top right corner. That would be Simon casting a spell on Lily to get her away from Anna. 

Simon's main thing (or at least one of them) with her is that she is a licker. He is not a fan of the licking. He is such a good, protective older brother. 

So far Anna doesn't seem to mind one bit (the licking or the protection by the older brother). 


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