These Two


These two have been getting along wonderfully. 

Lily is eight years old now and she is the best dog. She gets a little crazy in the morning when it's time to go outside and wait for the bus (she knows she gets to chase her ball) and anytime she hears the UPS or FedEx trucks approaching (all bark and no bite). 

She is gentle and soft and is so happy to have Anna's attention (even when Anna grabs her ears). She's especially happy when Anna drops little tid bits from her high chair or when we take Anna out of the chair and she can check out what's been left behind. 

She was great with Simon when he was a baby too. 


Just typing that reminded me of this classic layout circa 2002 (hello paper strips). Simon would have been just a month or so older than Anna. I totally laughed as I read the journaling about her being a maniac...she has definitely mellowed over the years. 

She is still super loyal. She is the kind of dog you can let out in the front yard and she will not leave (our male dogs always wanted to take off). She's happy to hang out with the family and is always up for an adventure in the car. 


Simon is less of a fan of Lily these days. If you notice in the photo above there is a wand pointing at Lily coming down from the top right corner. That would be Simon casting a spell on Lily to get her away from Anna. 

Simon's main thing (or at least one of them) with her is that she is a licker. He is not a fan of the licking. He is such a good, protective older brother. 

So far Anna doesn't seem to mind one bit (the licking or the protection by the older brother). 


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  1. Marcia Slick

    2009-09-23 07:36:51 -0400

    I had been wondering about your dog since I had not seen her in a photo for awhile. So was happy to see her in the corner of your Wii photo.
    Just this last Spring and Summer we had to put down both our 13 and 16 year old Brittany's.
    My 11 year old daughter took it the hardest as she said, "Mom, I don't know life without them."
    Keep enjoying Lily.

  2. Kay Gregory-Clark

    2009-09-23 08:06:07 -0400

    Ali, I can relate to so much in today's post. We have an old black lab (Quest, almost 14) and Sadie, only 2 years old. Quest has been the best dog on the plant, so it's been hard to adjust to Sadie's puppiness, licking, exhuberance, etc. Quest was not a licker, but she definitely is! We had a 3-year-old houseguest 3 weeks ago and she (the lab) was nutso. Just her height and very reactive, in contrast to dear old Quest, who's so mellow. But he still has so much heart, dying to play even though he's crippled up with arthritis, and craving attention from whoever will give him a kind pet. Gosh, I'm not sure what qualifies me for the contest to win a seat in your class, but I'd be overwhelmed with joy! I'm taking C. Zielske's right now and loving it.

  3. Jessica Booth

    2009-09-23 08:11:07 -0400

    Sounds a lot like my two golden retrievers. UPS truck included! Gotta love the relationship between small kids and their dogs.

  4. terri

    2009-09-23 09:04:43 -0400

    I laughed out loud at the wand thing. He so wants that wand to really, really work!
    You aren't the only one who loves your little brood, Ali!
    Thanks for sharing so much!

  5. Maegan

    2009-09-23 09:44:39 -0400

    Cuteness. Our baby and cat are the exact same way. Archimedes (the cat) will let Eden pull on his tail, essentially tackle him to try and pet him, and he just sits there and purrs. He adores Eden. It is absolutely darling that Simon is trying to protect Anna from Lily. What a good brother. :)

  6. Kristin

    2009-09-23 10:32:13 -0400

    She is such a beautiful dog :) We just got a female black lab named Sissy that we hope will be our daughter's Autism Dog. :) thank you for sharing Lily with us!

  7. Irene Talaasen

    2009-09-23 13:28:33 -0400

    You were so sweet to reply!! That was so touching to me. Thank you. Enjoy your family and your sweet Lily.. You are so good about thankfulness and living in the moment and I love that.

  8. Angela

    2009-09-23 14:03:31 -0400

    How sweet Ali!!! We recently got a yellow lab. He's 5 months old now and a monster. lol We've started calling him the evilness. We love him of course, but some days I have a love/hate relationship with him. But at least I know one day he'll be more mellow.

  9. kelly in NB

    2009-09-23 14:19:34 -0400

    this reminds me of our 22 month old baby and our 7 yr old border collie he too likes to lick, and is SO GENTLE with both our children. they really do put up with a lot, but give so much love back in return!!! he was our "first baby" and is one of the kids....even if he DOES have 2 extra legs and a whole lot more hair/fur!!!

  10. Deb from Traverse City Michigan

    2009-09-23 15:40:31 -0400

    There is nothing like the unconditional love of a family dog.

  11. Chris

    2009-09-23 15:46:37 -0400

    I have a 7 yr old lab that is the same way.
    I also have a 1.5 year old rat terrier that is KKKK---razy...but with the kids, an absolute sap...scoots on her belly from half way across the room...
    I think some dogs just have a sense of protection toward the children. They'd roll over for a treat at a hats drop but when it comes to the little ones, back off...that's THEIR baby...

  12. Kristi

    2009-09-23 16:31:12 -0400

    Cute kids - cute dog - cute layouts!! Thanks for all your creative ideas! Kristi

  13. Deena

    2009-09-23 16:38:50 -0400

    Our dog too is great around the kids (ages 1 and 2). She lets them pull her tail, climb on her, and give her too tight hugs (although we unsuccessfully try to discourage all of this). Our Ginger is a golden lab-retriever mix and getting on in years but hopefully she'll be around for much, much more well-deserved affection.

  14. Amber

    2009-09-23 16:49:22 -0400

    Hey Ali,
    Love the names! We have a two-year old daughter named Anna, and a six-month old bassett hound named Lily. So excited for your class, too!

  15. Dana N

    2009-09-23 16:51:54 -0400

    Isn't it great to see how our scrapbook style evolves? Love seeing your old layout. It's great that Lily is so gentle to Anna.

  16. Cathy

    2009-09-23 17:10:32 -0400

    We have a lab cross named Tucker that is a LICKER! It drives us all crazy!!! He is mellowing into a very sweet dog thought. He's great with the kids.

  17. Ali Edwards

    2009-09-23 17:34:55 -0400

    This totally made me laugh Angela "the evilness."

  18. Rani

    2009-09-23 18:53:54 -0400

    Rumor has it, Santa is bringing us a dog this Christmas! Love your pics and sentiments about Lily! Looking forward to growing our family with a new family pet!

  19. Kelley

    2009-09-24 05:16:56 -0400

    my 7yr old black Lab is a licker too :-)

  20. patti

    2009-09-24 05:33:55 -0400

    Anna is so very cute and you've got to love a good lab!

  21. Nicole Martel

    2009-09-24 06:21:08 -0400

    aw, what a cute photo! I can't wait for baby Edward to get here!

  22. Wendy Dorfman Kerth

    2009-09-24 13:48:06 -0400

    We have a black lab named Tank and a Golden named Hollie. Tank loves the kids and is a licker too. I have many pictures of Tank with the Huh? expression that Lily has in your layout with Simon. I have a photo of Tank and my oldest daughter when she was 5 months old. Check it out
    Compulsive licker is an understatement. Labs are the best. Period. No contest

  23. salogris

    2009-09-25 16:07:55 -0400

    LOL, that is hilarious about the spell. totally something my olivia would do :-)

  24. Mommassoapbox

    2009-09-25 20:06:02 -0400

    Love the photos! Fun site.

  25. Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

    2009-09-27 01:45:12 -0400

    I think it's so special when children are raised with pets. Labs are the sweetest dogs. We have a chocolate lab. He can get crazy at times but he has mellowed a lot. He will be four next month. The kids can do anything they want to him and he just rolls over and lets them. : ) We now have a cockapoo also and they are the best of buddies. Cockapoos are another breed that is great with kids. Thanks for the pictures of your beautiful babies ~ the two-legged one and the four-legged one. : )
    ~ Wendy

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