December Daily 2009 : Day 15



I love these envelopes from Paper Source. Here's what I have tucked inside: 

Lovely red pattern paper is from Jenni Bowlin's December kit. Red glitter star is from Prima. Circle 15 is from Every Jot And Tittle

Inside Day 15 is a sheet I printed out and folded featuring bits of visual inspiration I have been keeping track of on Tumblr - most of it happens to be season right now. 

At first I slipped it all the way inside the envelope but then decided that I liked the look of it with the inside peeking out (and the star was in just the right place). 

A scan of the outside: 


And the original: 

Day15  Dottedline

This post is part of a series documenting the month of December 2009. You find out more information and view all the completed pages of my album here. Share your work in the Flickr gallery here 

23 thoughts

  1. Lynn

    2009-12-17 08:03:20 -0500

    Love, love, love this!

  2. Loretta Artful Yogi

    2009-12-17 08:41:31 -0500

    Love your use of simple red and white papers void of busy patterns.

  3. joni possin

    2009-12-17 09:04:14 -0500

    I love that you included "inspiration"!! I may have to lift your idea! I have a computer folder where I keep inspirational photos from here and there. I'm certain there are a few that show your work. They're grouped according to seasons. It would be fun to have them in my album to inspire me next year as I read and reread my 2009 December Daily!!

  4. Beth Ann

    2009-12-17 09:04:17 -0500

    This is really really cool. I would never have thought of using an envelope that way. Thanks so much for all the holiday inspiration!

  5. Sandi Keene

    2009-12-17 09:14:47 -0500


  6. Molly Irwin

    2009-12-17 09:15:19 -0500

    just saw it on flickr, and had to come over to comment.
    nice idea to include things that make you swoon right now. I like that.

  7. Monika Wright

    2009-12-17 09:36:58 -0500

    I have an envelope reserved for after Christmas that I plan to place grocery receipts, cost of day-to-day living things (cell phones, gas, milk, cars, newspaper, satellite). I think this will be interesting to look on years from now. I also used one for our letters to Santa which is one of my favorite days so far!

  8. krista

    2009-12-17 10:06:37 -0500

    i just have to say how much i am enjoying following your december daily. simply wonderful. i love this idea!

  9. Allie

    2009-12-17 11:09:00 -0500

    Oooo... I really like this one!! This would be cool to do with index prints of your own stuff too. Dig it.

  10. abbey

    2009-12-17 13:45:27 -0500

    I love the reds here. Beautiful.

  11. dawn

    2009-12-17 14:02:05 -0500

    I love this!!!
    Can you share more about what exactly Tumblr is?
    I've never heard of it before..I probably live under a rock!

  12. Yolanda

    2009-12-17 14:02:45 -0500

    I am so in love with layouts that incorporate envelopes. And the things you stuff in yours are always surprising, and never fail to inspire.

  13. Geralyn Gray

    2009-12-17 15:42:01 -0500

    I work for Paper Source and am so happy you expressed your love for our envelopes...I am so happy to work there and love everything too!

  14. Michelle

    2009-12-17 16:42:24 -0500

    Ali, tumblr looks awesome and putting your bits there is so cool. I made an account but it looks nothing like your page...any quick hints to keep it simple and just load pics there like that?

  15. Michelle

    2009-12-17 16:44:51 -0500

    ups, I think I found it, I just needed the "cargo theme" ;-) so cool this is....thanks for the hookup =)

  16. Deirdre - Irl

    2009-12-17 21:09:00 -0500

    Wow... love it.

  17. Ikuko K

    2009-12-17 22:45:48 -0500

    I love this page!I I also have too many photos for a day, and wondered what to do with them. This page inspired me a lot. Thank you Ali for sharing!!

  18. Donna VW

    2009-12-18 00:04:52 -0500

    I love the photo collage idea! And I see your Fiskars Fingertip Swivel Knife, aren't they the best?

  19. Lisa Dickinson

    2009-12-18 00:57:10 -0500

    i am so enjoying your pages ali - thanks for sharing!

  20. Natalee

    2009-12-18 00:57:13 -0500

    What a great way to use the envelope! You are so creative Ali. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. Deb

    2009-12-19 03:58:47 -0500

    The paper clip idea is awesome!! Simple solutions!

  22. Alexa

    2009-12-20 02:10:46 -0500

    looks perfect! i love how your album is coming along. So inspiring.

  23. Leilani

    2009-12-20 06:54:24 -0500

    I've been following your posts and work for a while now and I thank you for sharing your creativity with so many of us who enjoy it and need it. This post led me to tumblr. I opened an acct this morning and hope to follow one of your suggestions which was to create a blog to capture those moments (in words) I hope to scrapbook later. Great idea! I have two boys and a full time job. Balancing my husband's offset schedule against mine leaves very little time to remember what we did when I took that picture,esp when I scrap it a month later! Thanks again!

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