Celebrating Simon & Scrapbooking With Your Computer

This is one of the coolest kids I know.

He is still in that awesome place where he believes in magic. Oh how I hope to encourage him to never lose that skill at being delighted by life.

At his family birthday party last night he was thrilled and thankful (expressing his thanks both spontaneously and when he was gently reminded). One of my favorite parts of the evening was when he read his cards out loud (the first year he has done that). Hearing, in his own voice, what each of us wrote to him was really special.

While Chris lit the candles on his cake he went into the other room so he could be surprised by the cake and all of us sitting around the table. With the cake on the table and the candles glowing Chris went to get him, had him close his eyes and walked him around the house before bringing him back to the table (so glad I had long candles for the cake). When he was brought back to the table and opened his eyes we all yelled surprise and the look on his face, the absolute joy, was priceless.

The photo above showing him in mid-wish before blowing out the candles is my favorite from the day. 


I hope you enjoyed the basic information on Scrapbooking With Your Computer this week. I definitely let the content evolve over the course of the week (keeping it really simple) and still have a bunch of things on my list to share with you.

With that in mind I am planning to do two things:

(1) Coming soon I will do another weekly feature focused specifially on hybrid scrapbooking. I want to put some projects together with step by step photos of my processes. I need a little time to get that going.

(2) I am going to designate one day per week for a post on Scrapbooking With Your Computer. Each week I will bring you a specific tip, how-to, or video tutorial that will walk you through a specific process or idea. Some concepts will be digital and some hybrid. I currently have a list of questions that I will be using to generate specific content for the next few weeks but if there is something specific you would like to see me cover feel free to leave a comment below or email me ali at ali edwards design dot com.

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