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February 8, 2010

Revisiting A Favorite Project: Punch Collage


Some of you may remember a Martha-inspired butterfly punch project using the classic butterfly punch I did two years ago (February 08).


I decided to revisit the project again, this time using a heart punch

I punched all the hearts from a variety of different patterns and laid them out on a piece of cardstock to figure out where I wanted each one placed. Once I had them all organized I adhered each heart using a foam square.


This time I also added a couple little accents: tiny pearls and some acrylic hearts (from an older Fancy Pants acrylic sheet) attached with mini-fasteners from Tim Holtz. Pattern papers came from my scraps. I wanted papers that included primarily yellow, orange, a bit of pink and a bit of gray – thinking a cross between Valentine's and spring.

EDITED : About the frame and mat, I have had this one for years (7+). Most likely I purchased it at either Target or Fred Meyer. The size of the opening is 8×10. A nice thing to look for when selecting a frame for this project is the double mat with the second mat lifted up off the first – it makes room for the dimension of the punches (that comes from the foam squares). I used a piece of swiss dot cardstock for the background.

Simple. Fun. Easy. I love punches.


  • 1.

    love this, ali. i’ve been wanting to make one of these using all sheet music and/or text paper.

  • 2.
    Steph H said…

    I can’t believe the butterfly piece was TWO years ago! Love the hearts and the little personal touches!

  • 3.
    dawn said…

    I love this idea, I can use my scraps that are color related to my living room and hang it up in there. I love love this idea. I wanted something to do this year but didn’t want the typical red, pink, white theme. This will really work. Thanks Ali.

  • 4.
    stephanie said…

    Very nice! Love the mix of patterns and colors

  • 5.
    Susan said…

    really sweet!

  • 6.
    Jessica Herling said…

    That is a fabulous project! I was looking for a couple more decorations to add to our Valentine home decor and this is perfect! Thank you

  • 7.
    Melissa said…

    Ali, this is a great gift idea for any holiday/celebration, with a little adaptation!
    For Christmas 2008 I made 5×7 versions of these using Christmas-themed SB paper. I used the negatives of some butterflies, the positives of others, and even put one on the OUTSIDE of the glass. It was a HIT and many family members now set it out as part of their Christmas decor! :)

  • 8.
    Michelle L said…

    I loved that butterfly one so much when you posted it I bought the punch and have had it in the back of my head…you just brought it forward again and I plan on doing both now one for me and one for my dd. Where do you get those great double mat frames from?

  • 9.
    Kelly Jo said…

    I agree! I never tire of seeing these all over cards either. Different papers just freshen it up so!

  • 10.
    Steph said…

    Great timing! I just bought a new butterfly and heart punch this weekend. :) Thanks!

  • 11.
    Jen K. said…

    I remember the butterfly idea, I tagged it and STILL want to do one myself. I love the heart collage as well–great for the mantle.

  • 12.
    DAnett said…

    Ohhh,such a good idea. I love it. Thanks for it! I am going to buy a butterfly punch…:)

  • 13.
    Nancy said…

    I’ve never forgotten the butterfly piece, either; it’s simple yet brilliant; and I can also blame, I mean credit, you for starting my growing paper punch collection.

  • 14.
    christen said…

    this turned out so pretty!

  • 15.
    Heather Innusa said…

    I love this as well! So simple, but so pretty. I think I’m going to give the butterfly a try. You are so inspiring! Have a great day!!

  • 16.
    Vee said…

    Very creative idea. I would love to make something like this using all the scraps of cardstock I have. Thank you for sharing.

  • 17.
    Tappin' Tamara said…

    That is a great idea! Great way to use up all those tiny scraps of paper we just cannot bare to throw out. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at it’s best!

  • 18.
    Phyllis said…

    I loved the butterfly project, but couldn’t find a butterfly punch I liked two years ago. I’ve got a heart one up in my house, my teenage daughter has one, and we made one for a gift. We punched hearts out of patterned papers and used old magazines – we personalized with the punches from the magazines, both words and pictures. It’s a great project, and something that your older children can help make.

  • 19.
    Barb M. said…

    Love it, such a creative simple idea. Sometimes it is fun to just play with paper without making a layout. Thanks for revisiting.

  • 20.
    Sarah said…

    What a marvelous idea!!! Simple. Creative. LOVE IT!

  • 21.
    Jonnelle said…

    I’m so glad that you revisited this. I just moved and that butterfly one will be great for my living room, thanks!
    I love the heart one, especially the “4″ and the “E” – perfect!
    Where did you get your frames?

  • 22.
    Lynette said…

    Love both of them…will be perfect for my scrap room:)

  • 23.
    Mary Rogers said…

    so gorgeous ali! Loved the butterfly one, but the this heart one is so me…
    question – what size heart punch did you use?

  • 24.

    Love this! I don’t have a butterfly punch but I do have a heart punch….hmmmm I think I have a new project!

  • 25.

    I see gift ideas coming on…

  • 26.
    tania said…

    so lovely.

  • 27.
    Jenny Schmitt said…

    Hi Ali! Great project. I’ve been wanting to do one of these since I saw your butterfly one. You may have inspired me to create one of these for our new nursery. Where will your creation go????

  • 28.
    Clair said…

    Another request for the source of the beautiful frame. Please, please x

  • 29.
    alexandra said…

    lovely, Ali!
    would you mind sharing the info for the frame – it’s a great one.
    thanks :)

  • 30.
    Leslie said…

    I still want to do the butterfly one. Now I must do this one, too!!

  • 31.
    Debra said…

    These would be great for my little craft corner in the basement.Thanks for sharing!

  • 32.
    Deb J said…

    This is great. I plan to do the butterfly one once I have my room together. I may do a heart one too. Or maybe a mix.

  • 33.
    Theresa said…

    Love this. I made the butterfly one in December. I might make this one too if I can decide on a place for it.

  • 34.
    Jackie Hughes said…

    What are the dimensions of the mat or paper you glued the hearts on? Is it cardstock or the actual mat that came with the frame?

  • 35.
    Linda McCoy said…

    Love the heart punches on the dotted swiss cardstock!!! Great idea to scraplift!!

  • 36.
    Leah Grannison said…

    I loved this project your first time around. Maybe I will squeeze a little time to create my own before Valentine’s Day.

  • 37.
    Deirdre said…

    Love it, great project – so bright and cheery.

  • 38.
    Jessi said…

    I love how punches are so versatile, and can just be used over and over. Really helps to buy tools like this when you are on a budget! Love, Jess

  • 39.
    Karen G said…

    I do remember your butterfly punch art!! I was amazed then at how simple and yet beautiful and graphic the project was. Its great to revisit it and share how you’ve made it with hearts…..always fun to see how versatile a project is! And even better?? Made from scraps!! :> Thanks for sharing with us! :>

  • 40.
    Jill said…

    Great project – so inspiring, I’ll have to make one next weekend. I’d also like to know where you purchased the frame and/or tips on selecting a frame for this project. Thanks Ali!

  • 41.
    Elizabeth said…

    Oh, I really like your collages, and I have a nice heart punch so it looks like that is my next project! Thanks so much for sharing this great idea.

  • 42.
    Icecat62 said…

    I have to do one of these. It would make a great gift to give someone, especially if I used some photos in the punched shapes. :-D

  • 43.
    Elaine Allen said…

    Ali -
    Thank you for revisiting this! When you first posted the butterfly project I ran out and bought Martha’s stamp because I wanted to create a small one for my studio. I got sidetracked, time passed and I completely forgot about it. So I am really happy you put it in today’s post again. I loved it the first time and I’m still loving it. Now I’m in love with the hearts as well :o )
    Elaine Allen

  • 44.
    Nicole said…

    This is a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • 45.
    HennyLee said…

    I know what I’m gonna make this week!
    Thanks, Ali.

  • 46.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hi Jackie – the cardstock I used did not come with the frame. It is the Swiss Dot style from Bazzill (added a link above in the “edit”). The opening is 8×10.

  • 47.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Morning – the frame is an old one and likely came from either Target or Fred Meyer (a northwest store).

  • 48.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Morning – the frame is an old one and likely came from either Target or Fred Meyer (a northwest store).

  • 49.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Right now it is over our sink (the same place where the butterflies were before). I think when I am ready for something new again I will put this one in Anna’s room (in a white frame – she has white frames in her room).

  • 50.
    Rhonda Steed said…

    I made a butterfly one for my daughters room like 2 years ago after I saw yours. Still one of my favorite things hanging in her room!! I love the heart one too. Might have to make this one too!!

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