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Today I wanted to share a layout with you that has been sitting on my table for weeks.

Actually it's the photo with the ruler ribbon that has been on my table for weeks. Originally I planned to do a second page with a divided page protector (for slides) and I had been collecting bits of scrapbook supplies and other pieces of life I had come across recently to do a layout celebrating Simon right now.

And then yesterday we had Simon's annual IEP meeting at school. An IEP is an Individualized Education Program. Lots of kids have them for a variety of different reasons who meet certain criteria for special education. Each year we meet with a group of people at his school, including teachers and his aide, to assess his progress, see where he's at with his goals for this year, and set new goals for next year.

He's got a variety of different goals written into his IEP - everything from asking for help, to weekly time with a speech therapist, to encouraging more social time with kids at recess, to specific goals for reading comprehension, writing, math, etc. It's always interesting to go in and chat with everyone and see how he's doing at school vs. what's happening at home. We catch up on conversations we've had on the phone or email and just generally talk about how he's doing in lots of different areas of development. 

It was a good meeting.

One of my favorite parts of the meeting was hearing his second grade teacher & his aide talk about how hard he has been working.

For this layout I ended up writing a note to Simon from Chris and I telling him how proud we are of him and the work he is doing in school. I consciously decided to keep this note focused on the positive parts of the meeting. There's lots of areas where he's facing challenges; areas where we are all working to help him navigate the best possible route, and to make better choices (wanting to be first in line all the time, making his mean face to other kids & other social issues, being open to new seats in different situations, general attitude).

The point is, there's lots to celebrate about Simon every single day. And we do.

He is awesome.


Here's a close-up on that second page with the journaling. I used some of the very cute Dear Lizzy rub ons on top of an American Crafts chipboard tag to create the main accent.


My dear Simon, I wanted to take some time today to let you know that Daddy & I are very proud of you. We had a meeting with your teachers yesterday and they had such great things to say about how hard you are working in class. Lately when I ask you “What was your favorite part about school today?” you reply, “Working.” From what they tell us, you have been really trying hard. They also have lots of praise for your lovely, meticulous handwriting. Finding a way to enjoy your work, whatever sort of work you are doing, is an important part of growing up. At home you have also been working really hard on your homework and reading as well. It’s awesome to see you “connecting the dots” in math and spelling and starting to enjoy some chapter books. We have been proud of the ways you transition between homework, play, and back to homework again if needed. Your teachers said you are definitely ready for third grade! We are all going to do our best to help you enjoy and thrive in your classroom next year.
Keep up the great work Simon! Love, Mom & Dad

Basic Grey
from the Max & Whiskers collection
RUB ON : Dear Lizzy
CHIPBOARD TAG : American Crafts

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