Starting To Plan For Week In The Life

One of the things I worked on this past weekend was finalizing some of the things I will be using for my Week In The Life project that gets underway next week.

If this is your first year documenting a week in your life, welcome! If you are still on the fence, there's always time and there's always modifications but there is never a perfect week.

Thinking About Supplies

I've decided to go with the same format for my album as last year: an 8.5x11 album with regular sized page protectors (a 2-page spread for each day) and a baseball card page protector for each day (7). You can get baseball card page protectors at office supply stores, specialty card stores, and even Toys R Us (that's where I grabbed mine this year).

I also ordered some more 8.5x11 white cardstock - I'll be using that for my base again.

To spice things up this time I'm going to use a red We Are Memory Keepers album (I know, really spicy).

One nice thing about getting your album organized in advance is that you can use it as a storage place as you collect things over the seven days. You can also grab seven envelopes and use those, labeling one for each day of the week.

Right now I'm working on a new design to hold my photos and journaling for the week. Last year I used The Story of Today overlays. Look for something new from me, both printable/hybrid and fully digital/layered template later this week (available this coming weekend at Designer

Today's thought:

Is there something specific you want to document this year?

Last year I did running tally/list of what was happening over the course of the day as my journaling. You can see an example here and what the end result looked like here. As you will notice I tended to have much more information early in the day and much less later in the day.

In other years I've emphasized different categories that I made sure I documented each day: food, gratitude, work, etc. I asked on Twitter and Facebook last week what three things people really wanted to document in 2010. Some of the things mentioned included:

  1. a photo of your outfit each day (I definitely encourage getting a photo of yourself each day)

  2. routines

  3. activities

  4. ups & downs

  5. conversations/overheard/quotes from kids, family, etc

  6. things that made me smile

  7. hometown

  8. what you're watching/listening to/reading (tv, music, internet)

  9. mundane tasks

  10. observations

  11. weather

  12. pets

  13. what things cost

  14. etc

Other ideas? I'd love to hear what you are planning on documenting?

I'm planning to solidify my personal category choices later on this week. What you choose to document will be up to you.

No Better Time For Spring Cleaning

Over the next five days I'll be encouraging a bit of spring cleaning before embarking on this project. Not necessarily all over your house (Simple Mom has a great series planned on that this week), but in your craft area and in your mind as you get ready to take the time to document seven days in your life.

I'm getting excited!

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