Stories Of Summer : The Elements of Summer MiniBook By Molly Irwin

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Book at beach

When it comes to summer I don’t want to spend time indoors on the computer, or make detailed layouts. My goal is to pay homage to the season in a meaningful way with less screen; more sun.

Part journal, part sketchbook, part photo essay, this 4”x 6” ring book came together quickly and effortlessly; possibly one of the most optimistic projects I’ve crafted in some time. It isn’t intended to be a comprehensive story, but an emotive, sensory piece designed to incorporate current interests and influences. All in good fun.


I was going for a certain texture and matt finish for the materials. There’s a simple, but not entirely inexpensive, bunch of supplies:

Book cover

Insdie front

Book sprinklers

Book plants

Book water

Journaling card

Book sun

My content is structured viewing summer primarily through three elements: sun, water and plants, with an introduction section for each. I’ll insert favorite photos and notes behind each section however they feel right to me. It won’t be chronological.

If you’d like to print the simple journaling cards, here is a link to a PDF file :
Download MollyIrwin_SummerSensesCards. You can print 3 cards per 8.5” x 11”sheet and cut them apart.

Tucked in my bag, with a sharpie and a set of watercolors, I can make notes and sketches along the way wherever this summer finds me.

I hope summer leads you somewhere exceptional, even if your own backyard.

If you’re interested, there’s a companion piece on my blog today on specific inspirations and how they influenced this project.


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