December Daily 2010 | Simple Tips + Thoughts On The First Of December

December is finally here!

I'll be working on my Day One page this evening and sharing it here tomorrow.

For today I wanted to share a four thoughts on this project:

  • My goal is one story a day. Might be short (even just a photo), might be long. I'm not trying to capture every little thing minute by minute. I want to capture a sense of the season and include stories from our life right now.

  • Individual pages matter less than the whole. This is actually a really big one. Don't judge any single day on it's's the whole that really counts.

  • It's completely normal if your album feels "disjointed" in the beginning. Do not stress about this. Your own photos and words will tie it all together.

  • Have fun. Savor this time of year and take this opportunity to capture a piece of your life.

Ready, set, go!


A cool thing I came across yesterday (via Tracey Clark on Twitter) is a December prompt series called Reverb 10. The tagline is "reflect on this year & manifest what's next." You can sign up to receive a free daily prompt via email. I looked at the prompts from last year and they are GREAT jumpstarts for storytelling this past year. The prompts from 2009 are listed here.

I love this idea. Even if you can't play along in December the prompts would be awesome as a list to work-through for your own personal scrapbook pages or journaling.

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