Loving that we eat tostadas once a week (probably Simon's favorite food). It's quick and easy and everyone likes it.

Loving that Simon knows the difference between acute, obtuse, and right angles. He rocked his perimeter homework last week too.

Loving that my Mom bought me s spritz Cookie Press for Christmas and gave it to me early. My Grandma made them, my Mom made them and now it's my turn.

Loving that Anna calls the Lego guys "guys."

Loving that the Harry Potter Lego guys are currently being used to play out The Polar Express story. (And now loving that they are all lined up to watch Charlie Brown Christmas with Simon.)

Loving both pairs of slippers I bought on Black Friday. These slippers from the Gap and these from Target.

Loving and savoring that Simon & Anna have watched Elmo's Christmas Countdown at once a day over the last week. I'm savoring it because I know it'll be all too soon that these years of Sesame Street and Elmo will be just a memory.

Loving the Reverb 10 prompts and needing to carve out some time to make that writing happen.

Loving that I've got a surprise planned for Simon on Friday night.

Loving twinkle lights. Always loving them.

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