Project Life | Week One

I'm excited to be underway with Project Life again.

Here's a look at where I've got it placed in our house. For me, out and available is the key.

Last year Project Life lived in my office. It sat on the ledge of a chalkboard and that worked great.

This year, because I'm wanting to get my family more involved in the process - and make it even more visible - I've set up a place for it at the far end of our kitchen counter. I'm also hoping this will help me keep more up-t0-date than in 2010.

Here's the wide view of our kitchen. Project Life is in that back far corner near the door that goes to our laundry room.

And here's an up-close look:

This station consists of the album and page protectors (I'm just using a black We Are Memory Keepers album - the only reason for this is that I like plain albums), a vase that holds the journaling cards + pen + corner rounder + scissors, my Fujifilm Instax camera, and a new little 4x6 Canon Selphy printer.

I'm still in the testing out mode with the Selphy printer. I love the idea of it I'm just not sure that I love it. Giving myself a bit more time with it. I'm also used to printing upstairs so I'm working myself out of that habit and into this one (at least attempting it). I want the whole process to be simple and d0-able.

Here's what my first week looks like:

And the spread:

I've pre-stamped the date for each week onto the rounded corner cards so those are all in the album and ready to go.

Some of the things you may or may not notice:

  • I'm not journaling everyday.

  • I'm journaling when I encounter a story I want to tell or something specific comes to mind. Most of these are little moments type stories or conversations.

  • I'm using a pen to write directly onto the cards.

  • I'm definitely including lots of little bits of life: receipts, grocery lists, wrappers, packaging, things the kids draw, etc.

  • I'm not worrying about taking a photo a day.

Here's a look at the start of this week:

For things I want to include that are larger (like the program above) I'm just sewing and trimming the page protectors to fit. It's very easy. You can see a short video I did about sewing on page protectors here.

If you don't have the counter or table space available to leave it out, consider pulling out the page protectors for the week and putting them up on a bulletin board. You could use binder clips like I do with my calendar (shown above) to hold it up without punching holes through the page protectors.

If you're looking for more support, ideas and encouragement don't forget to sign up for the free Project Life community at Big Picture Classes.

NOTE : It looks like Project Life is currently sold out at Amazon. According to Becky they should be getting more in stock very soon!

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