For The Pure Joy

"Swing. Higher."

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  1. Suz

    2011-02-02 09:48:56 -0500

    What we would give to have weather nice enough to swing! Today we are still hunkered down from the blizzard that blasted through our part of the nation. But, at least the sun is out- I will find my JOY (OLW) in that!
    Anna is precious! Have great day Ali!

  2. Laney

    2011-02-02 09:52:14 -0500

    Look at those sweet little piggies!

  3. Judy Webb

    2011-02-02 09:55:14 -0500

    I am enjoying you, enjoying Anna. We had four boys.

  4. Becky H

    2011-02-02 10:00:24 -0500

    She is beautiful.

  5. Cathy

    2011-02-02 10:28:32 -0500

    The look on her face says it all!

  6. Amanda C.

    2011-02-02 10:41:31 -0500

    beautiful capture!

  7. Jan from Canada

    2011-02-02 10:55:12 -0500

    A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you're at home. ~Author Unknown

  8. Lisa Walters

    2011-02-02 11:30:31 -0500

    I to am so enjoying seeing you enjoying Anna. My little girl is 16. Boy does time fly!!!! And no swinging for us up her in Michigan. But I must say ...a day off and its is breathtakenly beautiful!!!

  9. Stacy

    2011-02-02 12:10:00 -0500

    weeeee ... flying high in the sky
    i love her happy little toes
    this is a signature photo for my word of the 2011 "HAPPY"
    im gonna get out and swing a little myself -
    thanks for the inspiration

  10. Teresa Lynn Cotterman

    2011-02-02 12:21:32 -0500

    Perfect photo!!!!

  11. Anne

    2011-02-02 14:19:48 -0500

    I like how the pinkie toe on her left foot is bent all the way down, and that she chooses to hang on to the rope with her right hand and the chair arm with her left. Great pic!

  12. Cheryl T.

    2011-02-02 15:19:47 -0500

    This photo is perfect. It captured the moment perfectly!!! I especially loved that you posted it in B&W. Anna is so cute!

  13. Danielle Galindo

    2011-02-02 17:23:42 -0500

    Sheer delight!

  14. Jennie

    2011-02-02 17:58:27 -0500

    that's a framer!

  15. Janine Fox

    2011-02-02 20:10:35 -0500

    I love the way her little toes are curled up in delight:)

  16. Anna-Marie

    2011-02-02 21:13:41 -0500

    I am so jealous if you took that picture today. We just got covered with a half inch of ice today and 12 inches of snow last week. I don't think the snow from our first storm at the end of Dec has melted yet, and the remnants of the last 8 storms are still on top of that. What I wouldn't give for a day about 50. She is absolutely adorable, a perfect mix of you and Chris. Thanks for helping me capture the little moments of life, for I find some of those pictures are my favorites. Here to living vicariously through Anna and hoping it will be warm here soon!!!!

  17. Liz Ness

    2011-02-03 00:07:24 -0500

    The photo made me so happy that I forgot I was on a blog and was looking for the "like" button -- wanted to press it again and again. What an awesome capture!

  18. Sharon

    2011-02-03 01:31:38 -0500

    This photo makes me smile. Thank you!

  19. Tamara

    2011-02-03 08:29:58 -0500

    so precious! i remember days like this with my daughter like they were yesterday....and she's 16 years old now!

  20. Monica

    2011-02-03 09:50:31 -0500

    Hi Ali, I just wanted to tell you that you show on my blog today when I show my This is why I scrap mini album. I give you credit for making me focus more on the story than the design. Thank you!
    You can see it here, if you like:

    Love, Monica

  21. Janet White

    2011-02-03 20:42:18 -0500

    Delightful! And such wise simplicity in the few words accompanying it.

  22. Leora Henkin

    2011-02-03 21:54:03 -0500

    I love the little toes!!!

  23. Lisa W

    2011-02-04 09:30:11 -0500

    So sweet! -Some photos just capture something special that is so difficult to put into words. . .this is one of those. 'I love everything about it' just doesn't do it justice. Beautiful!!

  24. ana smith

    2011-02-04 17:47:49 -0500


  25. Theresa Merkling

    2011-02-21 09:39:47 -0500

    That picture is incredible. What a wonderful capture!

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