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  1. christy a

    2011-03-05 12:08:01 -0500

    Love the paper!! Gorgeous!!

  2. Dori

    2011-03-05 12:35:22 -0500

    I have several collections of your 4 x 6 overlays and just treated myself to these new Awakening overlays. I especially love the handrawn words and hearts and think this may be my favorite collection yet!

    I use your brushes frequently on my photos and also to make the perfect journaling cards for my DIY Project Life. Thanks, Ali.

  3. Rachel

    2011-03-05 12:42:01 -0500

    Wow! These make me wish I did more digital scrapbooking and not just hybrid things! Love!

  4. Melissa

    2011-03-05 12:42:09 -0500

    Beautiful collection! I'm looking forward to seeing your page. :)

  5. PattiP

    2011-03-05 13:15:24 -0500

    Beautiful kit! Love it all!

  6. Lee

    2011-03-05 13:41:57 -0500

    Makes me excited for Week in the Life too! Any plans this year? (My fingers are crossed!!)

  7. cinback

    2011-03-05 14:34:53 -0500

    I can see the Awakening papers working their way into LOs of my girls. Thanks!

  8. Jackie Bremer

    2011-03-05 14:44:29 -0500

    Really like the colors - fresh

  9. Cindy

    2011-03-05 15:04:54 -0500

    You have really been burnin' it up with the paper design lately. These last few release will are really coming together to make a nice line. I can see the influence of your paint work, and it's especially beautiful. I like both the awakening pieces, but I do wonder about using the coordinating tags. My pages are very bare bones, and sometimes I can't see how I would fit embellishments like tags into my pages, much less digital ones. I could just print them and cut them, but that doesn't seem to be taking best advantage of the format. Dunno. They are certainly beautiful though.

    Maybe you'd be interested in doing a workshop on digital embellishments? Even to just show the multiple ways you might use a single set? Like, I know from the tags I can make cards, use the tags as pages or for journaling, or even -gasp- as tags on gifts or as tabs to mark the edge of a page, but sometimes seeing it makes it easier. I find it hard to keep all those options in mind when I start a project, probably because I already have too much stuff.

    I tend to accumulate a lot of embellishments I never end up using, so I am reluctant to get more, but then again, I hate to pass up a beautiful set. =]

    At least with digital it will only take up space on my computer.

  10. Kristyn

    2011-03-05 17:05:07 -0500

    Ali, your creativity is amazing! I can hardly wait until you post a new idea.

  11. Lori

    2011-03-05 17:08:23 -0500

    love, love, love this new line! gotta get this one too - bought all the other recent paper, etc lines!

  12. Christina

    2011-03-05 18:13:17 -0500

    Ali I love the overlays and was wondering if we are able to enlarge these without loosing quality. I know that sometimes this is possible but not always. I was wanting to use them on 6x8ins photos.

  13. Teresa

    2011-03-05 21:09:34 -0500

    These are great! I don't do any digi yet but I have an ideea for you. I'm sure my child isn't the only one but for as long as I can remember since she knew about holidays and learned days of the month she will tell us happy first or last day of the month or whatever holiday it is. Maybe you could make some digi stamps for that.

  14. Melissa Mann

    2011-03-06 10:32:10 -0500

    LOVE it all!

  15. Sarah G {austinbygeorge.com}

    2011-03-06 12:50:13 -0500

    Love these!! Thanks Ali, love all the fun pink!

  16. Jolynn

    2011-03-06 12:50:28 -0500

    I love these and just purchased.

  17. Jill B

    2011-03-06 13:03:02 -0500

    Having a great weekend, working on my "On the Road" scrapbook. Not sure how to use the new awakenings goodies with this scrapbook but I will try. ha! Hope you had as much fun making them as we will all have using them. Thanks Jill B

  18. Barbara

    2011-03-06 14:12:02 -0500

    Love them! I love pink and hearts! I just purchased the top 3 and will be using them today! Thanks Ali!

  19. dawn

    2011-03-06 15:23:09 -0500

    Happy Sunday Ali,
    These new releases look so pretty and fun. I can't wait to learn about going digital so I can buy some of these. So excited to see your " page in works" with this paper. Tags are my favorite of all, hope you can show those too. I like the class idea on placements.

    On another note I found a blog that you might be interested in for fun, it's about writing lists. It's a group of 3 women getting together and making a new list for you to write everyday this month. Don't worry if you start now, it's easy and you can catch up. It's also free. I thought maybe you and your readers might be interested in it. The blog is at http://30daysoflists.blogspot.com

    I'm having fun with it and thought I'd pass it along to others. Have a great day.

  20. Joanne

    2011-03-06 17:10:13 -0500

    I Ali, I love the 'story of this day' brushed and stamps! I too am excited for week in the life - except I still have to put together last years! I find I am good for the prep and am super enthused during the week of, but am totally overwhelmed with how much stuff I have to put together afterwards. Do you think it would work for me to pre-make the album and then just stick the photos in and journal each day (aka dec daily)? If so, do you know how early you plan to release the week in the life templates? Thanks, Joanne.

  21. Victoria

    2011-03-07 07:49:37 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    I agree with much of what has been commented on. My biggest problem with the digitial words and brushes - and I have bought a few sets of yours - is that I don't know how to use them. I try opening them in Word, or in Photoshop but I can't get rid of the hatched grey background, or I can't put it on top of a photo, or I can't resize it. So I just leave it, and try not to buy anymore!

    But I am busy putting a list of travel words together for you - not that you asked - but I have just completed a four week travel album which actually ran to four inches of lay outs stacked up. And I could have done with some of these words/phrases to put onto my pages if I knew how!

    I am looking forward to meeting you at Creative Escape. Hope that doesn't scare you off- lol! Love your blog, thank you for so much inspiration over the years.

  22. Kristyn G

    2011-03-07 12:02:36 -0500

    Hi Ali!
    I was wondering if it is possible to recolor the tags in photoshop? I would like to use one of the tags on a page for my son, but don't want to use pink :) Any ideas?

  23. Deborah

    2011-03-07 16:34:17 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    Love the papers etc - the neutral colour (sort of taupy) is it the same in all of your new paper/sets? This pink Awakening, Evidence and also the Remember This? So they'll all go together really well with a great neutral base in common?

  24. Jeni

    2011-03-08 09:36:34 -0500

    LOVE the entire Awakening collection. I am just starting to do a little digital scrapping, and this SO looks like my style. Thanks and it's awesome!

  25. HeidiY

    2011-03-13 15:21:47 -0400

    This is a great way for me to get started in digital scrapping!! Love it all!!

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