I Love You | Scrapbook Layout

LAYOUT IDEA | Incorporate a child's drawing or other handwritten note into a layout.

There's nothing better than being able to include a little something that Simon or Anna has drawn by hand. In this case I got lucky - this one showcases a little something from both of them (that would be Anna's red crayon on top of Simon's drawing).

The bottom three sections of this layout (the photo, the journaling, and the drawing) were all stitched using my sewing machine.

I love tags. Always have and probably always will. Having a cluster of three or so with accents attached is a nice way to add decoration to page.

The red LOVE stamp on the manila tag is from my Love Always Wins set.

I still have a small stash of Making Memories metal rimmed rectangle tags. For this layout I used Tim Holtz scissors to cut the tag in half so I can use the other half on another pages.

THE STORY | This is it. This is the good stuff. This is the stuff I want to remember. This is the stuff I want to celebrate. Love made visible through those wonderful little hands and hearts. A simple drawing and a simple sentiment...now preserved and saved and treasured. Love. Love. No matter how crazy life gets...no matter the challenges faced, it's relationships like this that matter. One of the best gifts in life. Journaled 10/6/10.

CARDSTOCK | Bazzill Basics Criss Cross Cream Puff
PATTERN PAPER | My Mind's Eye Alphabet Soup Boy Ledger
STAMP | Ali Edwards for Technique Tuesday Love Always Wins
INK | Jenni Bowlin Chili Powder
LETTER STICKER | Pink Paislee Hometown Summer Expressions Alphabet
"LOVING" WORD STICKER | GCD Soul Food Collection Chipboard
MINI KRAFT TAG | Maya Road Kraft Shipping Tags
OTHER | old Making Memories metal rimmed rectangle tag, manila shipping tag, staple, machine stitching

33 thoughts

  1. Lindsey

    2011-05-26 08:56:37 -0400

    Ali - This layout is fantastic. Tons of great ideas and motivation for the memories I want to record! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sarah

    2011-05-26 09:20:27 -0400

    Question: The journaling is from 7 months ago, so did you jot your thoughts down about the drawing when it was created and clip it to the little drawing so that when this page came to life you'd have them together? Just wondering about your process.
    I've always enjoyed your approach to scrapbooking and am very curious about the process.

  3. laila

    2011-05-26 09:33:30 -0400

    that was so amazing , and artistic good job

  4. AbbyS

    2011-05-26 09:42:21 -0400

    Love this, Ali! I love how Simon draws eyeglasses on his Mama... My 5 yr.old drew the two of us in my Mother's Day card and what I loved most is how he drew my hair really, really long. :)


  5. {vicki}

    2011-05-26 10:12:58 -0400


    this layout
    the journaling is Right on!
    What a sweet drawing from Simon and a great photo to boot!

  6. Debbie S.

    2011-05-26 10:26:52 -0400

    What a special picture. So cool that he draws himself so happy and that he says I love you with a period. :) Really a treasure!

    That tag cluster is great, too.

  7. Gina

    2011-05-26 10:50:55 -0400

    Great layout! (as always) your ideas and use of materials are always impressive. However, what I love most about this layout (and all of your layouts)is your journaling. You write w/ such honesty and heart. Years from now, this is what your grown children will treasure the most.

  8. Mary R

    2011-05-26 11:33:12 -0400

    fabulous Ali! almost makes me want to get out my paper, glue and scissors...

    : )

  9. Michele H.

    2011-05-26 12:26:32 -0400

    everything about this layout is wonderful. love your heartfelt journaling too.

    one of my favorite elements is the staple on the chipboard "s" & tag. I just recently bought Tim Holtz's tiny attacher and now i want to staple everything:) lol

  10. Lisa W.

    2011-05-26 12:26:58 -0400

    Love this!!!!!!!! This is the GOOD stuff!!! Go Simon:)

  11. Jessica B

    2011-05-26 14:06:38 -0400

    Love it, so!!

  12. Meghan

    2011-05-26 14:49:11 -0400

    What a wonderful layout, that MME paper is my favorite of all time, I may or may not have about 15 sheets of it :)

  13. cinback

    2011-05-26 17:21:17 -0400

    Love the tags tucked behind the cream paper! You have the best ideas.

  14. Stacey K

    2011-05-27 05:31:07 -0400

    I love how your journalling paper has been folded to match the drawing. I have an older drawing of my daughters I found when cleaning out the busy box & I was going to put it in my project life but now I will devote a bit of time & do a layout. Won't take long now I am all inspired & have a great layout to start out with.

  15. deb

    2011-05-27 12:08:45 -0400

    I too love this layout. I've been doing pages like this for a long time but without journalling. Now I get to do this with my grandchildren.

  16. glee

    2011-05-27 13:30:11 -0400

    Alil, My 20 yr old son just came home from college and this morning I found a post it on my bathroom mirror: "I love you mom. -Will"

    These are the moments we will always remember. (and scrap just to make sure!!)

  17. Nicky from Canada

    2011-05-27 13:39:50 -0400

    How utterly perfect!!

  18. Heldy

    2011-05-27 16:00:29 -0400

    That is perfect Ali! I love it. If only I could sew....if only I had a sewing machine:(

  19. Brenda in Sunny SoCal

    2011-05-27 17:17:51 -0400

    This is such a lovely LO, was the drawing made on a small piece of paper or is it scanned in?

  20. TracieClaiborne

    2011-05-28 03:54:02 -0400

    Wow. I can't believe this incredible layout starts with "This is it." That is my motto right now. Every day with my 10 year old, I am trying to remember, "This is it." This is what her childhood is made of. This is what we will always remember. This is IT! I actually got that phrase from Gretchen Ruben, author of "The Happiness Project" - check it out if you want a great read! Love your layout - as always!

  21. Bea

    2011-05-29 02:20:06 -0400

    Hi Ali,

    Love your layout. I have been hanging on to carefully chosen drawings from my 5 year old twin boys. I'm glad I did because even if I haven't gotten around to scrapping them artistically YET :) at least I'll have them when I find the time to. Your layout just inspired me to get to it.

    Can I ask you about 12x12 photo printing? Do you know of any place that does that or any printers that can print 12x12 photos?

    Thanks, Ali for always being so generous with yourself and your time. :)

  22. jendcnguyen

    2011-05-30 13:30:21 -0400

    Hi Ali!

    I want to share with you a different way of doing memory keeping. I'm not sure if you've seen the Google Chrome commercial where this dad sends his daughter emails from the day she was born till she got older. It made me teary. =) I've started on my children's emails and my goal is to do at least a weekly email to them with just a letter, photo or a video of them. I just love this! I also plan on giving their email addresses to family members so they can receive memories from them to cherish. Enjoy!


  23. Kerry

    2011-06-07 18:33:56 -0400

    Love this idea and loving the complete look xx

  24. Blog Larson

    2011-08-02 13:12:55 -0400

    Ali, I have read a post from Maggie and you were featured there. Now I was wondering who is this person that made Maggie to mentioned his name in a comment. And when I bumped into your site yesterday I just can't get enough of it! Your works are inspiration to other scrapbook enthusiasts. Keep it up!

    And by the way, I love the tags!Please check my site too, I have other scrapbooking ideas enumerated there. Thanks!


  25. Math Man | ScrapInspired.com

    2012-05-24 14:08:39 -0400

    [...] layout design came from this lovely page by Ali Edwards.  I adored the simplicity but also how it used a piece of child made [...]

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