Learning To Ride

learning to ride

We've been taking the slow route in helping Simon learn to ride his bike.

Slow and deliberate with lots and lots of confidence-building praise and support.


While visiting my brother and his family we took him to a track to get in some more practice.

He was doing so awesome...better than ever with his balance.

I had the video camera rolling so he could see that he really was doing it. He loved seeing those videos and it was such a good reminder to me that he's a visual kid and seeing himself in action is a great teaching tool. My favorite parts of the video (which are much to shaky to share) are hearing my brother and sister-in-law cheering in the background as Chris takes his hand off the bike or Simon's back. There's so much love in their voices.


And then he got going a bit too fast around a corner.

There was a crash.

And lots of tears.


And lots of comfort.

And maybe even a bit of chocolate cake with the sentiment "way to go Simon" written in blue icing on top after dinner to celebrate all the awesome riding he'd been doing before the crash and maybe, just maybe encourage him to get on his bike again.


We were a bit worried he'd resist getting back on his bike after the crash but he was totally ready to try again.

Even a rainbow and a bunch of crows showed up to give him some support.


That willingness to try again after falling off...it's so huge.


He got right back on and was totally excited all over again.

Keep practicing buddy - we know you can do it!

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