New Digital Product Releases | 08.20.11 + SALE

Thinking quite a bit about back to school...first up this week are some Back To School Brushes & Stamps.

And some overlays for those back to school photos. I also included some fun numbers and an alphabet in there too.

Office - this one was by request from someone working on their Week In The Life project.


I also wanted to let you know that Designer Digitals is having a sale on alphabets and overlays - 30% off through August 27th. You can check out all my alphabets here and my overlays here. Here's a few you'll find on sale this week:

Wood Type Alpha

Awakening 4x6 Overlays

8 thoughts

  1. Addy

    2011-08-21 02:08:18 -0400

    Pick me pick me! lol :) Thanks so much!

  2. dawn

    2011-08-21 07:01:29 -0400

    I love all of these, what fun they are.

  3. audra

    2011-08-21 08:15:39 -0400


    Just checked these out at D.D. LOVE that you did a SCHOOL theme! Any chance of something like this stamp related through Technique Tuesday? Would LOVE for that to happen! I've been wanting a SCHOOL theme. I've been a Studio AE member from the start & look SO forward to your monthly stamps. Thanks for your AWESOME work & products!

  4. Nicole Jannink

    2011-08-21 08:57:24 -0400

    wow these back to school overlays and brushes.....
    Got to have them, because my oldest son had his very first day at school last week. T

  5. NatalieSpring

    2011-08-21 10:07:38 -0400

    Love the back to school and work brushes and overlays.

  6. susan

    2011-08-21 13:35:08 -0400

    ali... you are amazing! your creativity keeps me going and going. i don't know how you do it. lots of thanks susan

  7. Linda

    2011-08-21 14:35:27 -0400

    These are all amazing!

  8. Teri

    2011-08-22 18:54:22 -0400

    Love these, Ali!

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