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Earlier this year when we were talking about working together on a December Daily kit April from Studio Calico asked me if I'd like to be a guest designer for their December kits.

Sounded fun to me.

Here's a look at three layouts I put together with the main kit and a few things from a couple of the add-on kits.

A 2-page 8.5x11 layout about me and my weekend adventure to Portland a couple weekends ago.

The first page is a full-photo with some small tags and such I picked up over the weekend stapled along the bottom. "Hello right now" are chipboard/letter stickers attached onto the back of a coaster from one of the restaurants. Underneath the coaster title is a sheet from a Smash journal book and one of those great little wood flags from My Mind's Eye. The white pen I used around the outside is a Sharpie Poster Paint pen.

The Smash journal book and the wood flags are both available in the Printer's Drawer kit.

One about Simon and his sparkle. The great sparkly chipboard letter stickers are part of the Snow Cone kit. The word sticker phrases are from Cosmo Cricket and are included with the main kit.

And one about Anna and how she is so much her own person. Love those Ormolu number tags and the custom American Crafts chipboard letter stickers (called "Ali") which are both included in the main kit. I also love that stamp used on the top row of tags - it's included in the Snow Cone kit.

I have to say, I loved making these layouts. I'm hoping to incorporate making more layouts into my routine in 2012.

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30 thoughts

  1. Gina Baj

    2011-11-28 07:17:23 -0500

    You are amazing!!!

  2. laura g.

    2011-11-28 08:15:14 -0500

    wonderful layouts! and yes, simon does sparkle! anna is so precious i have 3 grandkids her age (not triplets, they were born within a 4 month span) and love watching them and my other grandkids grow ....have a TON of the round circle tag with the S for simon did that for one of my grandson's on a layout and really liked how it turned out the tag layout of anna's would be perfect for the youngest granddaughter...

  3. kristina p

    2011-11-28 09:41:29 -0500

    lovely! love those pages ali :)

  4. Ellie A.

    2011-11-28 10:01:08 -0500

    SUPER Fun! Love everything about these layouts! I've been swooning *9over that stamp from Snow Cone I hope maybe JUST maybe it will be available at a later date :)

  5. Paula G

    2011-11-28 10:11:19 -0500

    I love all 3 of your layouts!! Simon and Ana are lucky to have such a loving mom!!

  6. Queen Mary

    2011-11-28 10:17:00 -0500

    Ali, I love Miss Anna's painted nails as she has her designer coffee! Excellent photo! I also love how you journaled in the rays of sun -- tres cool.

  7. marisa

    2011-11-28 11:41:01 -0500

    That layout with the tags? Genius!! You are so inspiring.

  8. young

    2011-11-28 11:47:17 -0500

    Love your layouts! Love that you love Studio Calico kits too! :)

  9. Amanda S.

    2011-11-28 12:39:26 -0500

    I love your layouts Ali! I definitely hope you make more in 2012! :)

  10. Lisa

    2011-11-28 13:17:27 -0500

    So nice to see some @aliedwards layouts!!! Love Project Life, but there's just something so special about an AE layout.

  11. rhonda

    2011-11-28 14:19:06 -0500

    So glad to see you as the guest designer for Dec. it seemed fitting and I love your layouts!

  12. Dori

    2011-11-28 14:34:05 -0500

    Oh, I LOVE these layouts! Thank you, Ali.

  13. cinnibonbon

    2011-11-28 16:01:53 -0500

    Oh Ali--what fun pages!!

  14. aliza

    2011-11-28 16:12:06 -0500

    Beautiful pages. I love all the neutral goodness.

  15. Liz Sawyer

    2011-11-28 16:20:28 -0500

    I wouldn't have thought of using tags that way - turned out very cute. Totally scrap lifting the title for a page about my youngest as well. How fun to get to do this project!

  16. Jenny

    2011-11-28 16:35:55 -0500

    Thanks for your layouts. Can't wait to use those ideas!

  17. slmnontec

    2011-11-28 16:40:33 -0500

    Loved the Hallmark "title inspirations" catalog. I had just torn out pages from the recent Lowe's flyer for creative ideas too.

  18. Melinda T

    2011-11-28 17:51:20 -0500

    I miss seeing your layouts, but love your project life too!

  19. Hannah

    2011-11-28 18:37:33 -0500

    I miss your layouts in Creating Keepsakes- that was always where I started (and finished) reading it. Your simple, uncluttered and yet still artful style is what keeps me inspired! Thank you :)

  20. Paula in Australia

    2011-11-29 00:27:01 -0500

    Man Simon is gorgeous! He certainly has that special "sparkle" as you call it - sweet. Lock up your daughters everyone, he is gonna be a heart breaker when he gets older. Girls will be lining up at your door Ali!!!

  21. Alida Post

    2011-11-29 00:53:54 -0500

    Awesome to see a Simon layout again! Love the other two just as much.

  22. Beke

    2011-11-29 01:06:45 -0500

    hi Ali. I know this really isn't the appropriate time or place, but it has been a long long time since I've regually read your blogs etc. I think I read something about a sad ending to your marriage? If this is true, my heart goes out to you. Such a beautiful family....and still are :) Anna has grown so much! :)

  23. patty

    2011-11-29 08:27:42 -0500

    loving the layouts... tfs!

  24. kelly libby

    2011-11-29 08:35:13 -0500

    Love seeing your layouts. Project Life is great, but your layouts are inspiring! Keep 'em coming! Here's to a wonderful, creative week.

  25. Sharon Dryjanski

    2011-11-29 16:20:12 -0500

    Such great layouts just love the natural look of the photos....and the cousins are oh so cute together!!
    Thanks for sharing


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