December Daily™ 2011 | Day Six

Welcome to December Daily™ 2011 | Day Six.

Each year when I put this album together I always know there will be a day or two (or more) where I'd love to just be super quick with the process. Not every page has to be crafty, extensive, well thought-out, have photos, or even have words.

Today was that day for me.

Knowing that, I usually stash a few things in my December Daily™ pile that I can put into my album that tell simple, quick stories (that are still meaningful when viewed in the context of the whole album). They often involve things cut from packaging, magazines, etc.

Here's a look at each page for today:

Packaging cut from Anna's Advent calendar (Playmobil Christmas Post Office). I'll add something from Simon's (Lego Star Wars) when December is over (his didn't have any extra packaging). Actually I might just print out an image from online to add to the pocket. Brown paper bag tag was cut from a Trader Joes shopping bag. Cut little red and white paper clip is from Smash.

The second page image was cut from the DVD packaging. Underneath I wrote a few details about what kind of Advent Calendar each kid received and how they've been watching these movies (and Home Alone).

Quick and easy. Especially great for those days when everything else feels anything but quick and easy (also great for days when you might be playing catch-up and find yourself working on more than one day at a time).


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