One Little Word 2012 | The Reading Of The Words

I'm so excited to have Liz Lamoreux join me again this year for a reading of the words. You can hear her read the 2011 list here.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Click here to listen to the reading of the words.

Liz is a dear friend, a wonderful retreat leader, and a jewelry designer. Check out her beautiful collection of soul mantras and other stories in her etsy shop. She made a new one for me this year (I like the locket style) that I'm adding to my necklace from last year.

Registration is still open for One Little Word (and will remain open throughout the year). The simple premise is to make your word more visible for you throughout the year with a single, focused creative prompt at the beginning of each month. Joining up is not a huge time commitment over the course of the year and you don't have to be into scrapbooking to participate.

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