Louie Schwartzberg's Gratitude

A very heartfelt thank you to Amanda Soule for including a link in her post to this video today. It was exactly what I needed to see this morning.

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  1. Helen

    2012-03-05 17:54:04 -0500

    Beautiful, thanks Ali....

  2. Kylie

    2012-03-05 18:47:00 -0500

    Magic! What a wonderful world we DO live in.

  3. Sheri

    2012-03-05 19:03:36 -0500

    So poignant! So true. Right now I am waiting on an MRI, following an abmormal mammogram and ultrasound. I don't know what tomorrow holds...but I do know that today is a gift I can't take for granted. I am reminded again to be grateful for each day! Thank you for sharing this. I am definitely going to share it as well.

  4. Caroline

    2012-03-05 19:15:23 -0500

    Wow. Just wow. It's what makes the good tears flow... Thank you so much for posting.

  5. Peg

    2012-03-05 19:53:58 -0500

    Oh, my goodness. I had just said that when he said "People say Oh My God". LOL I try not to say that phrase because usually it's not appropriate but I have to agree, it probably was that time! Thanks so much Ali. Lovely gift for a Monday.

  6. Kimberly

    2012-03-05 22:21:06 -0500

    Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jennifer

    2012-03-05 22:44:43 -0500

    Thank you Ali for sharing this. It made me really stop and think, especially now. The teachers in my province are on strike, and I spent my day walking outside in -23 (I live in Northern BC), thinking about and fixating on unpleasant things. This will help me get through the next 2 days of strike and give me something positive to focus on. Thanks again.

  8. Krista Nash

    2012-03-05 23:05:38 -0500

    Awesome! Thank you!

  9. ana roat

    2012-03-05 23:31:54 -0500

    This past weekend we lost 4 patients that frequented our cardiology office. One was a 44 year old mother-to-be. The others, wonderfully old individuals that lived well past their prime. I am so very grateful to have know and served each one individually and although my heart is breaking for a young mother and old folk that were like grandparents I am thankful for the time we had together. This link reminds me that these people have helped to weave the fabric of what is MY life. May I always remember to be grateful for those individuals I have come to know and those I will meet tomorrow.

    In loving memory of Carol Leigh, Norma, Katherine and uncle Bob.

    Thanks for sharing this Ali!

  10. donelle

    2012-03-05 23:40:29 -0500

    Wonderful way to end my day!

  11. Briel

    2012-03-05 23:47:48 -0500

    Absolutely perfect. Thank you. My husband and I just watched and I plan to share at work tool

  12. Kathryn Benfiet

    2012-03-06 00:28:16 -0500

    My husband and I just watched it...thank you so much for sharing. I needed this reminder of the blessing and gift of life. We are so blessed and yet it seems like we're always trying to get something done on our list or looking ahead, instead of just stopping to really "live in the moment" and allow ourselves to be a part of the beauty that surrounds us.

  13. Megan

    2012-03-06 02:23:25 -0500

    Thank you, it is really a good day.

  14. Kirstie MacGowan

    2012-03-06 03:14:52 -0500

    Loved this video, how very true. Makes me want to appreciate more of the little things and forget all the stupid stuff that doesn't really matter. :-)

  15. Susi from Germany

    2012-03-06 06:47:52 -0500

    Every grumpy person should watch that mandatory! So true ...

  16. Kristine S

    2012-03-06 07:00:11 -0500

    Oh My God.

  17. Amanda C

    2012-03-06 09:11:48 -0500

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. It will truly inspire and ignite the hearts of many people and share their gratitude with others around the world.

  18. Melanie S.

    2012-03-06 09:31:37 -0500

    Thank you for the gift, Ali. Magnificent.

  19. theresa

    2012-03-06 11:41:15 -0500


  20. Melissa Rydjeski

    2012-03-06 11:46:22 -0500

    This is so ironic! I just saw this yesterday for the first time. It's so cool how certain things converge. It is truly inspiring. I especially love the little girl wanting to go deeper in her creativity and imagination. Thanks for being my second layer of gratitude.

  21. patty

    2012-03-06 12:00:18 -0500

    LOVE it!
    thank you for sharing this...

  22. anneberit

    2012-03-06 16:00:29 -0500

    Truly beautiful and makes me stop and see the world around me. Feeling grateful for all the gifts I'm given. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Mary Beth

    2012-03-06 20:17:57 -0500

    So touching. I loved listening to the man's voice while looking at the moving pictures. It was almost like a guided meditation. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Chris

    2012-03-07 02:43:08 -0500

    Beautiful and so inspiring! Thank you for sharing this.

  25. Angela Daly

    2012-03-10 07:50:52 -0500

    A great way and lesson to start every day ! amazing TFS !

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