Simon + Katie + The X-ray

Last week Simon got to be Katie's patient in one of her college classes.

She's studying to be a Dental Assistant and asked me if he could be her patient for some x-rays. I asked Simon if he would be willing and he was - he thinks Katie is pretty darn cool and was excited to see her at school.

She and Simon have a really great relationship so I was interested to see if the fact that she was the one doing the x-rays would make a difference in how the whole experience was for him. He's been doing really good at the dentist the last few visits but it's still not his favorite thing (seriously, not sure how many people count going to the dentist as a favorite thing but you know what I mean) and it's been a challenge to get x-rays done for him in the past.

I picked him up a few minutes early from school on Wednesday and we headed out to her college (there's a whole dental clinic there).

I filled out some paperwork and he played Angry Birds in between attempting to sneak away to find Katie. Chris arrived just as Katie came out to the waiting room to invite Simon back for the x-rays.

First thing she did was take his blood pressure. Chris and I each took a bunch of photos with our phones (hence the black and white photos you see here - not great lighting in the dental clinic) and Simon was all smiles and just so happy.

Then Katie walked him down the hall to the small room with the x-ray machine.

This was not just any old x-ray, it was a panoramic. Above you can see where she was getting him set up (he wore a vest for the actual x-ray) - standing with his toes on the line and his mouth on a bite plate.

He did awesome during the whole process. A completely willing and eager patient - no complaining or asking if we could leave, no expressions of anxiety - he simply followed Katie's directions with enthusiasm.

The whole thing took about 30 minutes. The actual x-ray portion was pretty quick and then we waited a bit for the x-rays to be developed.

He was so excited to see the pictures of his teeth. They came out great.

Nice job Simon and nice job Katie. So glad you are a part of our lives.

I asked Simon last night what was his favorite part and he said, "I saw my teeth on the pictures."

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