Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday Words + Photos

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday


One of the things I wanted to do today was go around the house and take some shots of stuff.

Why? Because those are some of the sorts of photos I'd like to see from when I was a kid. How cool would it be to have a shot of my whole bedroom, or a shot of what I had on my own bookshelf or be able to see what was in my own closet or chest of drawers (Simon actually uses the same chest of drawers in his closet that held my clothes as a kid). This peripheral stuff from our everyday (like closets and dishes) are the kind of content that can be added to any day this week where you might have a few less photos (and are also great for Project Life too). I've always loved seeing a combination of up-close and far away shots that showcase the environments in which we spend so much of our time.

Follow up from Wednesday: Anna was feeling better today and we've got a make-up appointment for Simon with the neurologist today.

Here's a look at some of my images for Thursday:

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Katie took the next couple of shots while I was out to dinner with friends.

The fact that Simon shows himself to her through the lens tells a lot about their relationship.

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday

Week In The Life 2012 | Thursday


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56 thoughts

  1. Elaine Allen

    2012-04-27 11:59:04 -0400

    Great photos Ali. I love the one with all of Simon's leggos!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Megan Anderson

    2012-04-27 12:15:44 -0400

    I love the photos of the kids today! So much joy.

  3. Carolyn K

    2012-04-27 12:22:00 -0400

    I can't believe I almost didn't do this this year- of all years- new house, new town, new life... what was I thinking!? The printouts really did it for me- I printed them out at the last minute and have been doing it here and there- the photo taking has helped me "see" things in a new light- and I just wanted to APPRECIATE THE HECK OUT OF YOU ALI!!! you are a light in the world!

  4. Nicole Hurley

    2012-04-27 12:25:45 -0400

    This is sort of ridiculous but the shot of Chris' hand holding the Starbucks cup with no wedding ring on makes me tear up. Hang in there Ali.

  5. Rinda

    2012-04-27 13:04:24 -0400

    I posted a video today. Today is my last day (I started last Saturday), so plan to get a few more "stuff" shots myself.

  6. cindy

    2012-04-27 13:23:12 -0400

    awww, they are so happy, love!

  7. michele h.

    2012-04-27 13:28:04 -0400

    you are a wonderful and amazing person. xoxo

  8. Angela

    2012-04-27 13:33:34 -0400

    Ali---This is completely unrelated to WITL...but I thought of you. They have this #3 pillow at Target right now that is super cute. I noticed that you use 3's in your house alot and this has your name written all over it! I couldn't find it online, but it was near the seasonal home decor stuff in my super target!

  9. Angela

    2012-04-27 13:36:46 -0400
  10. Mallory

    2012-04-27 13:48:46 -0400

    Oooo more pictures of your office please?? :)

  11. Cathy Doerr

    2012-04-27 14:08:25 -0400

    Im really enjoying seeing all your photos Ali.

  12. Ruth G

    2012-04-27 14:15:35 -0400

    Yippee! I'm so glad that Anna's better and Simon's appointment is going to happen today.
    It is so interesting how our kids behave with others (regarding Simon's pics taken by Katie.) It's great when you've got those others on your side and willing to help you out!!!

  13. Autumn

    2012-04-27 15:03:49 -0400

    Love the photos of stuff. Your photos makes me happy!
    I plan to take photos of my stuff this weekend when I'm home! So fun! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the constant inspiration!

  14. KSW

    2012-04-27 15:43:05 -0400

    For me, that hand shot was surely the bravest shot of the bunch.

  15. Megan Smith

    2012-04-27 16:39:17 -0400

    More wonderful photos!

  16. Deb J

    2012-04-27 18:04:04 -0400

    What a great idea. I need to do that. I sure wish we had pictures of things when I was growing up.

  17. Laura B

    2012-04-27 19:03:47 -0400

    It's really funny how you mention taking pictures of stuff in your house, like the kids' closets because I took a picture of my daughter's closet to represent getting ready for bed on Sunday night, and I made sure that I got a shot of my son's closet for getting ready this morning. It's a great idea to take pictures of stuff and your general environment, whether it's home, work or your city.

  18. madeline St onge

    2012-04-27 19:35:25 -0400

    Love this idea, going to do this tomorrow ;)

  19. Queen Mary

    2012-04-27 19:37:16 -0400

    Ali, Anna has such big feet!! Want to know how I can tell? I love the photo of her sitting on her legs on the red ladder chair step stool thingy -- and I love that you have TWO of them! My grandmother had one and I'd kneel on it and help her do the dishes! I used to watch my mom and her sisters do the dishes at Grandma's house and laugh and have fun -- I've always thought doing dishes by hand is more fun -- for those reasons! Anyway, the feet -- I wear a size 4 in grown ups and a size 2 in children's, sometimes a 4.5 and a 3, but never a 5 or 3.5. When Sarah got big and we'd go to the shoe store, she'd go to women's and I'd go to children's. I've always just wanted normal sized feet. Anna is lucky! And I love Simon seeing the neurologist! Because that's what Charlie's doing and I'm so proud of him! Hopefully his work will help Simon's doctor and teachers! XOXO, Mary

  20. Liv

    2012-04-27 20:58:11 -0400

    Love your work, like always.

    Just wanted to remind everyone to back up!! My week is over, I've got sticky notes in my pages for what goes where, I've made the collage pages, just waiting for a sale to order the prints. And yesterday my computer shuts off and won't turn on. Now I have to send it away and I'm freaking out I'm gonna lose everything from this week, not to mention all my templates and Ali's words and everything! Don't let it happen to you!

  21. Karen F from New Zealand

    2012-04-27 21:46:49 -0400

    Great everyday round the house photos and so see what you mean about Simon opening up to the lense when Katie had the camera. very cool.

  22. Brooke

    2012-04-28 02:28:12 -0400

    Love the around the house stuff. I can remember a book we had as a child that I want to remember the title of. I would love to read it again. It's almost like this lifelong journey to find it again but no pictures of the "stuff" from my childhood.

    Love the contrast between the green lego in the container and the messy coloured lego on the floor. And Katie's shots are awesome.

  23. Maria

    2012-04-28 06:10:39 -0400

    {{{hugs}}} Ali. Your photo of Chris's unadorned hand makes my heart ache for you and yours.

    The photo Anna took of Simon is priceless! I love how kids take such awesome photos.

  24. Week In The Life | Ali Edwards

    2012-05-02 14:35:55 -0400

    [...] Thursday Words + Photos [...]

  25. Peggy Mahlik

    2012-12-31 16:11:17 -0500

    Hi Ali!! Oh My Gosh!!! I love the little curved grey "sofa" in the photo with the hopscotch rug!!! by the way, which is ADORABLE! and I am just wondering if you could tell me where you got it from??? I have a little breakfast "nook" that I would love to put something like that there and I have been looking EVERYWHERE to find somthing just like it!! Hope you remember where you got it!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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