Back In The Day

Last night I did something I haven't done in quite awhile: watch TV.

I saw a tweet from Lisa Congdon that there was swimming on TV and that was enough to get me to tune in and I'm so glad I did.

I loved watching the US Olympic swimming trials. Watching those swimmers make their dreams come true was super inspiring (especially the ones who will be making their first trip).

I even loved watching a lot of the commercials that were sport and Olympic-related.

When a commercial break came on I ran upstairs to look in one of my old photo albums and see what swimming photos I could find. I found the two above from 1989 (I was 14).

I probably think about swimming, or have memories related to swimming, just about every day. It was such a huge part of my life in my early years into my first year of college.

The Olympics were never a dream of mine, but I loved swimming all the same.

I remember what it feels like: the training, the breathing, the gliding, the kick, the reach, the pull, the bite of the cold water first thing in the morning, the mental work-out, the exhaustion, the highs, the competition, the friendships, the winning and the losing. I remember when it felt really, really good and when it was really, really hard.

And I wonder why in the heck I'm not pushing my body and my mind in those same ways anymore.

Maybe this will be the season I get back in the pool for real.

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