Right Now

Right now we are saying hello to summer. We are dipping our toes in the water and feeling the sun on our faces. We are figuring out new routines and rhythms in that transition from school to home to camps to work and back home again. We are staying up later and waking up later and figuring out what to have for dinner. We are spending evenings at the pool and making new friends.

Hello long days of summer, it's so nice to see you again.

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  1. Alida

    2012-06-15 07:28:55 -0400

    Those photo's are just brilliant! Wishing you a wonderful summer! (Winter here in South Africa and COLD).

  2. Karen d

    2012-06-15 07:59:48 -0400

    Enjoy yourselves! Summers with kids are sooo fun.

  3. Dori

    2012-06-15 09:11:44 -0400

    How I wish I had pictures like these to look back on from my childhood! But back then (in the fifties) it was pretty expensive to buy film and then pay for developing, blurry shots and all. I always have my little digital camera in my purse so I can capture precious moments like these wherever I am. Thanks for the inspiration, Ali.

  4. Liz

    2012-06-15 09:19:20 -0400

    i love summer so much...you are clearly enjoying summer too!!!

  5. mel

    2012-06-15 09:29:27 -0400

    Fantastic gettign toes wet all good fun. I'm wishing for sun over in the Uk too!

  6. Nancy

    2012-06-15 11:14:14 -0400

    Wishing you a smooth transition into summer. We have been in summer mode for a couple of weeks here in Texas and things are going well. I am always anxious while at the same time welcoming the new, laid-back routine. So far, so good! Thanks for the post, a reminder for me to take more photos.

  7. katie

    2012-06-15 11:16:10 -0400

    love it! enjoy! :)

  8. Mary R

    2012-06-15 11:29:50 -0400

    simple words. perfect

  9. Jenni Hufford

    2012-06-15 12:37:00 -0400

    LOVE these photos (and i know how you feel!!!:)

  10. Veronique Wallender

    2012-06-15 12:43:17 -0400

    So miss those summer days with kids. Now it's a grown up summer routine - work, work and work. Sun and fun on weekends.
    Enjoy this special time with your kids and family.

  11. Kathy L

    2012-06-15 13:49:49 -0400

    Can't wait. Here in the Northeast we still have 4 more days of school.

  12. Cindy

    2012-06-15 13:51:12 -0400

    AH! The water looks SO refreshing!! It's rained almost every day here in FL, even tho we need the rain, it would be nice if it stopped long enough to do more than get the grass mowed. I finally have the pool cleaned out (from all the rain) and the front yard mowed, fixing to start on the back so I too can enjoy the pool this weekend! I really enjoy your posts even though I don't comment all the time (love the new drink you posted the other day.......gonna have to try that one!).
    Have a wonderful weekend and SUMMER!!

  13. Lisa W.

    2012-06-15 14:01:11 -0400

    Ahhhh that water does look AMAZING...and the kid's adorable:) HELLO SUMMER...love it!!!

  14. Michele H.

    2012-06-15 14:03:46 -0400

    The water looks so inviting. We're looking forward to our first dip in at our neighborhood pool tonight (& maybe tomorrow since it will be 103 - yikes)!

    happy weekend to you!

  15. karen oshanick

    2012-06-15 14:38:14 -0400

    love ur pics! i also like to write in the sand to title my scrap pages...like location & date :)

  16. Liz

    2012-06-15 15:10:26 -0400

    An inspiration as always Ali! Have a wonderful weekend! x

  17. Vicki S

    2012-06-15 17:17:11 -0400

    Your photos are always great, but these are superduper -- now there's a summertime word!

  18. Debie Grace

    2012-06-15 18:50:21 -0400

    Sounds fun!! Enjoy summer! :D

  19. Queen Mary

    2012-06-15 20:24:51 -0400

    As the spouse of a teacher I would be remiss if I did not suggest READING! BOOKS! Get the ones with just pictures and let the kids make up the story themselves from what they see in the pictures -- and they can write the stories down! It will be fun! I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with my 2 1/2 year old god daughter and we read Cooking Light - it was great!

  20. Ruth G

    2012-06-15 21:05:12 -0400

    We're right there, too! I'm encouraged so far because the kids haven't really had too much nastiness between them (I think all the staying up to interact on her favorite forums has taken it's toll on my almost 13 yo daughter's attitude so today was a bit dicey!) and we just seem to be enjoying the rhythm that's developing. It's good to appreciate and enjoy these days and I know I'm blessed to be able to be with my kids when they're off and when they come home from school, etc.
    Glad to hear that the summer lifestyle is suiting your family! Enjoy!

  21. Kathy

    2012-06-16 01:57:20 -0400

    Love the view point on your pictures....here in Australia we are having our winter and I have just wrapped a rug around me as I'm a little cold (but nothing like you guys get over there). Enjoy the pool and lazy days..... sounds great Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  22. Tanya Watson

    2012-06-16 19:12:24 -0400

    oh how I miss summer already, Im over in New Zealand and we are getting white frosty mornings and I want it to be summer time again, I dislike the cold but love the heat of summer.....brrr off to light the fire...Love your photos Ali....

  23. sophie

    2012-06-18 03:33:46 -0400

    wonderful pictures! we're trying to figure out our summer routine over here, but this weekend we enjoyed nothing but fun all day long. i noticed you guys are doing some summer reading, so i wanted to let you know about the Summer Reading Program at your local Barnes and Noble. a free book after you read 8 books and you fill out the slip. enjoy!

  24. Teresa

    2012-06-19 11:44:40 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    I have been following you for many years on your blog and love what you do.
    During the last year or so I have been missing the daily Ali postccreative ideas and inspiration. I know your life has changed, but I check your blog anymore that often, bc I only see sponsor ads, designer digital ads and PL. PL is cool, but I just miss the messy, creative, LO designing, mini book making, home decor creating Ali...
    I know this blog is about you, your family and your daily life...I guess that's change...and change is good.

  25. Sandra

    2012-07-01 09:11:20 -0400

    i like how you captured all three of you in the top photo, even if it's just your toes. so cute!

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