Around The Yard | Mid Summer 2012

Last week I was having a conversation with friends about some things that have been happening in my life and a piece of the story included me going outside to water my plants as a way to ground myself in the present.

There have been times I needed that literal connection to the earth - where I felt outside my body either in sadness or in joy or in that place where it's hard to tell which emotion you are experiencing. Whether it's digging, planting, pruning, or caring for my yard - there's definitely something mutually beneficial about the whole process of being and working out there.

Here's a look at what's happening around the yard right now:

The raised beds are exploding.

Six tomato plants, three basil plants and a bunch of strawberries. The first of the tomatoes were just starting to look ripe today. I need to harvest some of the basil - pesto soon.

Cucumbers ended up being the only thing I added to this side of the second bed.

The view of the beds from the other side. Growing up in between the two poles (there's wire attached to both ends) are sweet peas (flowers not peas that you eat). Just saw the first one bloom yesterday.

These dahlias are as tall as me.

And they are an intense deep red-purple.

Along the fence on the far side of the yard I decided to try some corn.

Last year I was using this area as a compost pile and am now remembering that I put a couple pumpkins there to decompose. Those pumpkin seeds are now growing again right underneath the corn.

And I planted a few other pumpkins too. This is my first time growing pumpkins.

A very big mint plant on my backyard table.

A shady area alongside the house.

Blueberries. They love this spot and have been doing really well here - producing delicious berries. I've got two different varieties and one is just about done and the others are just getting ready to be picked.

A single yellow rose off an old rose bush I thought would never make it.

Pink lilies that are out along a big grassy area.

Astilbe - these are in the shaded area along the house. I love them. May try to plant more of these perennials next year.

And a few beautiful mini calla-lillies. I forgot I planted these last year - love seeing them come up.

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