Filbert (aka hazelnut) orchard outside Albany, Oregon.

Today I'm working away from home at a little coffee shop.

I'm writing and I'm watching and I'm listening. Writing about life and business and family and adventure. Watching people come in and out, placing their orders and going on their way. Listening to the murmur of hushed conversations and to familiar songs as they come on the radio that plays quietly on speakers overhead.

Recently I've been meeting new people. A new relationship lends itself to the introduction of new people and places and sounds and sights and smells and stories. I'm shaking hands and welcoming hugs and explaining what I do and who I am and why I'm wherever it is that I am and listening and smiling. Lots and lots of smiling - the kind that makes your face tired.

Recently I've been embracing a place I never imagined I'd be.

Recently I've been connecting with old friends. A new relationship sometimes also has roots in the past, as is the case for me right now and I'm gathering together with people I haven't seen in years. People who I'm genuinely so very happy to see and reminisce with and catch up on life. Amazingly enough I'm getting the chance to answer the "what if" question and so far it's been magical and tender and filled with fun.

Recently I've been hugging my kids extra tight. I'm amazed at how they are growing, amazed at their resilience, amazed at how completely blessed I am to get to share my life with them.

Recently I've been listening to this and it will probably be a song that always reminds me of this summer:

Recently I've been embracing it all, taking it all in, and moving forward one breath, one step at a time.

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