The 5th Grade

Dear Simon,

Here's a few things about 5th grade (and what's been happening the first few weeks so far):

1. You have a binder (notebook) that you bring home each day. I love it because it reminds me of being in school - I loved setting up my binders with dividers each year (or semester). Yours has dividers for homework, reading, math, science, and social studies. Your binder was big enough the you did need to start using a new backpack - you've been carrying the same blue backpack since kindergarten. I want to encourage you to embrace organization to help make sense of the stuff of life.

2. You are really doing awesome reading right now. No complaints about reading time. In the past two weeks you read The Incredibles, Shrek 2, and Fantastic Mr. Fox. One of my greatest hopes is that you will embrace a love of reading.

3. The bus has been a challenge. Not the bus itself exactly, but the routines associated with it. The bus arrives to school later this year and you've been really frustrated that it's not the same as last year. This year you go straight to your classroom vs. going to the gym. Your frustration with the situation was so high that you needed me to help you get off the bus in the afternoon for about the first six days of school. Your Dad wrote up an agreement with you on Tuesday about expectations and behaviors related to the bus (and what time you arrive and who gets off first in the afternoon) and things seemed to be better on Thursday and Friday. I'm super proud of how you are working on your working-through your frustrations.

4. You buy your lunch just about every day. You check the schedule and if by chance they don't have something you want you say, "Mom, I need a home lunch today." You've also been doing a pretty good job eating food at dinner that's not your most favorite. I want to continue encouraging you to try new things - so often they really aren't that bad.

5. You've been really into Google Earth this past week. Checking out some of your favorite places from movies (like Cairo and Nepal from Indian Jones) and from real life (Disneyland, Empire State Building, Dad's house, your school). I hope you continue to love adventure and travel.

6. You still want to wear your "summer shoes" every day to school. And right now I'm letting you.

7. You're still going to gymnastics and even though you complain/get frustrated about having to share the teacher with other students it's been a really great thing for you (and I know you like the activity). We talk a lot about how it's a time to work your body and your muscles and we are starting to see you get stronger and more confident in class. I'm so happy to have found a form of exercise that builds your confidence - both in body and mind - and one that you actually enjoy (even if sometimes you get frustrated about the other kids).

Here's a few photos from your the open house:

We love you Simon. So very much. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Love Mom

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