2012 Summer Manifesto Album

Finally found some time this past week to finish up my 6x6 Summer Manifesto album.

I first posted about the concept of a Summer Manifesto here and posted initial images of the album here: Bringing The Summer Manifesto To Life.

Here's what I loved in the beginning: setting intentions for the summer and printing out all the pages in advance.

I didn't end up jotting things down throughout the summer as I initially planned which was totally okay. It allowed me to set intentions and then go out and experience life.

Here's what I loved in the end: the reflection & the perspective.

I loved going back through the intentions and my photos from the last few months and thinking about all the things I did do (even if they weren't exactly what I had intended). It took me a little bit longer to finish it up because at first I was trying to think through how I would address the things/intentions that I didn't follow-through with. Those ended up being some of my favorites as I reflected on why some of those things didn't happen and what other things happened instead. Hello life, right?

This is totally something you could still do now - go back through your photos from the summer and pick out the themes and activities that were most meaningful to you.

Here's a look at the completed album:

A few details:

  • All the foundation pages were printed out in advance on Epson Matte Presentation Paper and are available as PDF (and PSD) files in this set: Summer Manifesto Album.

  • I printed out all the photos with a white border.

  • I attached the first hand-written manifesto I did to the back page using an arrow clip.

  • There's one page that's not finished yet. I can't for the life of me remember what Simon wished for (#8) and I'm planning to ask him when he gets home from school.

I love memory keeping.


Click on the images to link to the products.

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  1. fannyathome


    Thanks Ali! I was inspired by this mini album and created my own this year. Here's a linK to it: http://fannyathome.blogspot.com.es/2014/09/mini-album-summer-manifesto-2014.html
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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