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October 4, 2012

Celebrating Three Years | Project Life Giveaway & Blog Hop

Project Life is celebrating 3 years this week and we’re celebrating with a bunch of giveaways today as part of the Creative Team blog hop.

GIVEAWAY | One person will receive a set of 3×4 grid cards and a set of 4×6 grid cards (two of my favorite extras to the Project Life kits).

As most of you know, Project Life is a big part of my memory keeping endeavors these days. Looking back through these albums is such a fun experience. So many wonderful little and big memories within these pages. Here’s a quick look back:


Here’s my first post about Project Life back in January 2010.

My pages were even simpler back in 2010 (and they are still pretty simple now). At that time I decided to make my own journal cards vs. using the kit cards.

This post from February 2010 talked about how it was going.

Do you guys remember that 2010 ended up falling off the shelf it was sitting on and everything fell out of the album? That’s still sitting in a pile in my office (best intentions of course) and it’s on my long list of projects to tackle.


I completed all 52-weeks in 2011 and I loved it.


As most of you know this is now simply a weekly (almost always) part of my life.

It’s a project I continued even through the process of getting a divorce. I think in many ways it was part of the healing process – a visual representation of all the things I had to be grateful for. I definitely included references to the challenges here and there, but I also kept the focus on moving forward.

So love Project Life. You can check out my Project Life archives here.

I’d also recommend checking out Becky’s updated Free Stuff page – cool downloads available there.

Check out giveaways on each of the Creative Team members blogs:

TO BE ENTERED into this giveaway please leave a comment below (if you are reading this post on Facebook please come to my blog to leave a comment). Comments will be closed at 8pm Pacific on Sunday evening. The winners will be posted shortly after. Please be sure to check back or subscribe (click here to get posts delivered to your email box) to see if you are receiving one of the items.


  • 151.
    Mandi D said…

    Hooray, project life!!!

  • 152.
    Roseann Hoyle said…

    Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win.

  • 153.
    Michelle said…

    Thanks for the chance to win. I LOVE Project Life!

  • 154.
    Kim S (nerdgrl) said…

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • 155.
    paula said…

    Ali, I just love your posts and thank you for sharing so much of you!!! Thank you for a chance to win.

  • 156.
    JAnet K said…

    I LOVE seeing your PL pages! Thanks for a chance to win!

  • 157.
    Mandy said…

    Pick me, please.

  • 158.
    Laura said…

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 159.
    Ashley Marie said…

    Yay! Happy 3rd Birthday PL!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 160.
    Birgit said…

    I LOVE Project Life. I started in 2010 and still love it.

  • 161.
    Latonia Grant said…

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  • 162.
    AnitaP said…

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I love Project Life!

  • 163.
    Stacy said…

    I’m a project life fan too!!

  • 164.
    hannahk said…

    thank you so much Ali for sharing your PL albums ~ it has been so inspiring

  • 165.
    Shayne said…

    Love Project LIfe and cannot imagine my life without it!

  • 166.
    Dawn said…

    Love the grid cards and could find many uses for them in my scrapbooking/crafting realm. Thanks for the great giveaway Ali!

  • 167.
    leslie may said…

    Ali- thanks for being a part of this! Also, thanks for the chance to win!

  • 168.
    Leigh said…

    I am always looking for your PL posts each week!

  • 169.
    DawnBeery said…

    LOVE your PL life pages Ali! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 170.
    Liz H. said…

    Love the grid cards. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 171.
    Bethany Silcott said…

    I am looking forward to starting in January and would love to have the grid journaling cards!

  • 172.
    Raven said…

    I just found out about PL this year, but I am already excited about starting it in 2013!

  • 173.
    Jen said…

    Nice give-away!!

  • 174.
    Rachael M. L. S. said…

    I am undecided about project life. I love, love, love to see everyone’s work but I struggle with whether or not I want to participate. This might change my mind. Tangibility might trump voyeurism.

  • 175.
    Mendi M said…

    I look foward to your layouts every week! Thanks for the chance!

  • 176.
    Rhadonda said…

    I always love seeing your pages. Thanks for sharing!

  • 177.
    Jenn said…

    I always enjoy seeing the way you put together your pages! And I too LOVE the grid cards, thanks for the chance to win some!

  • 178.
    Mary said…

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these and thank you for all the layouts you post to inspire me!

  • 179.
    Amanda Miller said…

    Yeah-I would love to win. I love PL and PL freebies RAWK! :)

  • 180.
    Stephanie said…

    awesome grid cards

  • 181.
    Debra B said…

    Love looking at your PL layouts. Grid cards are great and I use them a lot. Haven’t tried 4×6 yet. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • 182.
    Natalie said…

    Love project life…. Awesome giveaway… Thank u for the chance

  • 183.
    Dina Poulin said…

    I <3 Project Life!

  • 184.
    Jeanne M said…

    I love Project Life! I’ve been doing it for all 3 years, and love to see the progression over time.

  • 185.
    Angie said…

    New to Project Life.

  • 186.
    Colleen G said…

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! Love the inspiration you bring to this project!

  • 187.
    Angie said…

    Thanks for the chance to win some awesome PL stuff.

  • 188.
    kathleen said…

    How fun! Thanks for the chance!

  • 189.
    Anika said…

    Thanks for the giveaway !!! Love PL!!

  • 190.
    Karen C said…

    Love the grid cards! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • 191.
    Karina said…

    Thanks for the chance !!! I loooove project life !!!

  • 192.
    Laura A in OR said…

    Love those grid cards! So easy to embellish and brighten up as well as tell our story.

  • 193.
    Vicki said…

    I am doing my second year of Project Life and love the entire process. I have not used the grid cards and would love the opportunity to win a set!

  • 194.
    AmandaK said…

    So cool! I want to try PLife!

  • 195.
    Dawn said…

    Great giveaway. Would love to try out project life! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 196.
    mi.milafourmi said…


    thanks for the giveaway. I didn’t begun project life but i would like to do it in 2013 !!

  • 197.
    jenr said…

    Signed up yesterday for Becky’s class. Super excited. Did PL in 2010 and not 2011. Want to start again as I have found I miss it. Thanks for the give away. Made an order yesterday of some PL extras but did not include the grid cards. Now that I see you really like them, I am kicking myself for not including. Oh well-hopefully I will win :-)

  • 198.
    Jackie Bremer said…

    I will have to check out Becky’s site. I purchased the elements/papers in Jan when they became digital but have not used them. It is on my “to do” list.

  • 199.
    Lisa b said…

    Thank you

  • 200.
    Shelley D. said…

    In my 2nd year of PL and loving it!