December Daily™ 2012 | Day One

Getting the first page done always feels so good.

I had to laugh when I looked back and read my post from last year where I noted that Simon woke up at 6am to open his Advent calendar first thing. He totally did that today too.

I liked starting last year with a sentiment so I went with that again this year for the page opposite my December 1 journal card:

I love the movie Elf. My sentiment this year comes from a quote in that movie: "The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear." I created a PNG file repeating that sentence, re-colored it light grey and printed it on photo paper for the background. This was adhered to the back of a cardboard page I'd put together when creating my foundation pages.

I've included the PNG file for you to download below:


If you need additional information on working with PNG files, including recoloring, check out this post.

On top of the text background I added American Crafts/Crate Paper red chipboard letters, silver glitter tape and I used silver thread in my sewing machine (thank you Pinterest for that idea).

My journal card includes ticket stubs from our adventure to watch Wreck It Ralph. 


Click on the images to link to the products.


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You’re invited to include a link to your DAY ONE page here. Please link directly to your post vs. your general blog link.

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  1. Jacenda G.

    2012-12-02 14:33:56 -0800

    Watched Elf ourselves late last night so the PNG download is perfect! Thanks so much and I'm so excited to get started - finally! I feel like I've been waiting forever!

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  2. Jo

    2012-12-02 15:11:17 -0800

    Love Elf. It's my favourite Christmas movie. I am totally going to use your freebie - thank you so much!

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  3. Angie Blom

    2012-12-02 18:17:52 -0800

    Gorgeous as always!! Thank you for the file.. Happy December xx

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  4. LCSmithSAVED (Leslie)

    2012-12-02 19:19:27 -0800

    Thx for a chance to win - Merry Christmas!
    I'm already sorry I'm not doing DD this year :~(

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  5. teri buczkowski

    2012-12-02 19:35:29 -0800

    Such a simple beautiful page.

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  6. Kathy L

    2012-12-02 21:15:19 -0800

    Saw Wreck it Ralph with my son. We loved it. Last night we had movie night and watched "The Santa Clause" I LOVE that movie.

    Ali any tips for sewing through the chip board? what size needle do you use? what type of thread? looks great, and like it is fun to do.

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  7. Brooke

    2012-12-02 21:52:46 -0800

    Thank you for the download. Love that even your DD has yearly traditions. I repeated the same shot from December 1st for 2 years. This year it was something different.

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  8. alexa

    2012-12-03 00:11:03 -0800

    That's a lovely typographical background and thank-you for the png! Your first page looks both calm and festive at the same time :).

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  9. Janet Carr

    2012-12-03 01:04:22 -0800

    Thank you so much for the download! Love it!

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  10. Amanda Robbins

    2012-12-03 05:52:01 -0800

    Hi Ali (or any reader who has experience with this),
    I was wondering what type of needle ou use when you stitch through the chipboard or thickers? Also, does it seem to put a strain on your machine engine? I love the way it looks, but I am afraid to damage my machine. Thanks:)

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  11. Jennie Clarke

    2012-12-03 06:19:30 -0800

    OMG Ali!!! We saw Wreck it Ralph too on the 1st AND I saved the tickets for it! I just FREAKED when I saw your page one. Now... I need to catch up (already) here it is day 3, and 1 isn't done... but tonights the night! I just had to share! lol!

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  12. Megan

    2012-12-03 08:41:44 -0800

    Hi Ali!

    I am having some issues when printing my photos. (I have the same Epson picture mate printer). I edit my photos in photoshop and then send them to print. However, when they print, my photos come out much darker than what my edited photo appears. I have even tried the espon photo correct, and it works a little, but my photos still come out pretty dark, or the coloring is slightly off. I just changed my ink last night so I know that is not the issue. How do you get your photos to print out so bright and vibrant?

    Thank you for all the help!

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  13. Tina C

    2012-12-03 10:24:05 -0800

    To cute!

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
  14. Liz Sawyer

    2012-12-07 11:41:21 -0800

    this is SO perfect... we watched Elf just this same day & I can't wait to use the download!

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
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  25. Carrie Erickson

    2013-11-20 17:40:13 -0800

    Thanks for the inspiration. I am hoping to do a DD album for the first time.

    * edited 08/11/14 05:00AM
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