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Around here we are transitioning from school year schedule to summer schedule.

I like schedules. I liked schedules when we had a two-parent household and I probably like them even more now as a one-parent household. The schedules we have around here aren't super rigid but they do lend structure to our days which is necessary for me working from home and for their overall happiness as well (and as always with everything it's a work in progress and a constant navigation).

I like the kids to have a balance of activities - a bit of screen time, outside time, reading time, quiet play time, craft time (mainly for Anna), workbook time (academic workbooks like math for Simon and letters/numbers for Anna) so we organize our days into chunks of time. On the days when they aren't out of the house they are in and out of the office, sometimes doing projects in here, sometimes outside, sometimes hanging out in other areas of the house.

Next week Simon will be heading to summer school and Anna will start a day camp so that will mix things up again. They will both be out of the house until mid-afternoon. When they come home the plan is for snacks and then quiet time in their rooms. This is something my Mom did for us when we were growing up in the summers as well. Quiet time means you go to your room and you can nap, read, play quietly, etc. for a set amount of time - the key being it's on your own. We often did this on days we had swim meets in the early evening. Our afternoons were spent resting up (I usually read or took a nap) for the evening activities. Around here after they have some quiet time I like to head to the pool if it's nice - that's the plan anyways (like I mentioned above - there's also flexibility involved). This is something new for Anna and she's working on adjusting to not having someone with her to play with all the time.

I also like to have a list of fun things for the kids to do when they start asking (or whining) about what to do next. This was especially true last week when we had a couple of days with rain instead of sun.

One of the things that Anna really likes are the craft kits from Kiwi Crate. I've mentioned them here before (initial review here) and we are still enjoying them.

I save these crates for when we can work on them together because she does need some assistance and because they are an awesome opportunity for us to do something together. She loves opening them up and I love checking out the design and the thought that goes into each one.

One thing I really love is the conversation that comes up. The photos here are from the Making Music kit - we had so much fun talking about music, sharing the tasks/creating the instruments, and then making some music.

She's come back to this kit multiple times to create more music. I love that it's not just a one time thing.

The other recent box that we really enjoyed was the Farmer's Market crate - another one that's getting multiple use and encouraging imaginative and interactive play.

We are looking forward to opening up the next box.

You can order the Making Music kit here or sign up for their monthly kit here.

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