Week In The Life 2013 Date Announcement

In case you missed it within another post a week or so ago, I've set a date.

I'll be documenting a Week In The Life from Monday, September 9 through Sunday, September 15th, 2013.

Around here that's back to school, the beauty of the change of seasons, and who knows what else might happen along the way.

Week In The Life is an in-depth 7-day documentary project. It's different from Project Life® in that you make a whole album (I usually do 8.5x11 but other people do 12x12 or 6x8) for this one week with each day being showcased as a 2+ page spread.

I made my first Week In The Life album back in 2005 for a Creating Keepsakes event and have done it every year since (except 2009 when Anna was born and it just felt like too much).

There's no cost to participate. I'll have new layered templates available at Designer Digitals in mid- or late-August for those that would like to follow along with the same format I'll be using.

You can check out previous Week In The Life projects here.

I've created a 2013 banner for those of you that would like to add it to your site:

Please link to: http://aliedwards.com/week-in-the-life

I'm looking forward to another event and hope you'll participate!

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